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Beara Beara – Santa Cruz Backpack Review


Whilst flicking through Twitter recently, a page really caught my eye. The page was called Beara Beara and I decided to check out their site. Beara Beara sell beautiful genuine leather bags in various different styles and are very new to the market. The business began when the owner was a travel writer in Bolivia. She came across a woman named Julia and her family making and selling quality leather bags from a tiny shop in the back streets of the city. They then began collaborating, turning the owner’s designs in to never seen before handbags. The full story behind how it all began is really quite lovely and you can read more about it here.

I was delighted to try out a bag from this company for two reasons, the first being that the bags looked absolutely gorgeous and the second being that my current bag really needed updating.

The size of the bag meant that I could fit so much in! Most mums will know that a good sized bag is important due to the amount of stuff needed, even when just popping out with your toddler! The problem with a lot of back packs is that it does mean easy access for anyone to grab stuff from your bag. The Santa Cruz bag had this problem covered, with a secret zipped pocket on the back of the bag for valuables. When wearing the bag no one can see or even get near the pocket which makes it extremely safe. It also has a secret zipped pocket inside and the bag is fastened securely with buckles on the front. The biggest difference having this style of bag made was the fact that I always had both my arms/hands free. With a toddler to chase after constantly, whilst out and trying to do shopping, or out for the day with the family it was so much easier not having to carry a bag at the same time. My previous bag has been one I wore on one shoulder and every time I would bend down to pick up my toddler my bag would fall down my arm which anyone will know is very irritating. I could, run, jump, bend down with the back pack on and it was still there, on my back with everything in it safe and sound. With the bag being so spacious it meant that I could ditch my padded ugly baby changing bag and use this as a combined handbag/changing bag, which therefore meant 1 less bag to worry about.

With it being so in fashion and such a beautiful bag it looks great and is so practical which is important with having a little one. The bag is very sturdy and you can tell with the quality that this bag is for life. Beara Beara do various different styles of leather bags and I love how a lot of them are unisex. I actually caught my boyfriend trying on my back pack and some of the bags in the ‘mens’ section of the site even I had my eye on. This is great if my partner is out for the day with our son and he can use the bag too without him feeling like he is carrying my handbag around. The prices range from around £36 to £245 and this may seem a little steep, however, they will last you a very long time so it really is a worthwhile investment. I have been through 5 bags in the last few months due to handles snapping, fastenings breaking and so on. I have probably spent more on those 5 cheap bags than It would have cost for a quality bag from Beara Beara. it also helps that the postage is free to anywhere in UK and is only £10 internationally. I personally would definitely recommend a bag from this company and already have my eye on my next purchase!

Mums, they are the perfect yummy mummy bags, practical yet so very beautiful and you just wont find better quality!

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