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My Mum Absolutely Rocked Turning 50!


Last month it was my mum’s 50th birthday and to say she celebrated in style would be an understatement. For a lot of people, turning 50 can be quite, well, depressing. Being older isn’t exactly what all of us want to happen after a certain age, even at 25 I wish my birthday’s didn’t come so quickly! My mum however, embraced turning 50 years young and she fully milked her big birthday as much as possible and why the hell not! Her birthday seemed to go on for weeks and started days before her actual birthday too. She was a popular lady and lots of people had plans of what they wanted to do with her, including myself.

My mum has a very successful event management company and naturally she wanted to make use of her event planning skills and contacts to organise the ultimate party. She had some amazing performers who wanted to perform at her party at very little to no cost just because they think she is an amazing woman and they wanted to give something back to her. There was a comedy duo act who I absolutely adore called Bread and Butter performing, they had us crippled with laughter throughout the evening, they always entertain no matter what event they are doing. There were some hilarious Singing waiters who also had us laughing out loud and singing along with them. One of the highlights for me was the band who played later on in the evening, I had found out previously that the singer of the band was actually Paul Morazzi who was one of the members of the boyband A1 (Yes I do feel old) who I was a huge fan of when I was little. They were my equivalent of One Direction when I was a young girl and along with STEPS was all I used to listen too. So the second they finished performing at the end of the night myself and my cousin who also used to be a fan dashed out the back like giggly school children for a photo.

The party was held at Ramside Hall Hotel and pretty much all of the family stayed overnight including myself. My mum and dad had the brand new spa apartment which was just a ridiculously amazing room with a huge bathtub/chill area, a bar and it was just huge. The room for the party looked amazing and with all the props and lighting added in it. My mum’s staff all worked hard to dress the room and it was of course nothing less that stunning. There was around 150 people who attended the party and it was amazing to see a room full of people who loved and appreciated my mum. We had a really nice buffet provided by Ramside and all sat on round tables to watch the entertainment. When the band and music came on later we were all up dancing too and it was just such an amazing party.

My mum looks so good for being 50 and looked amazing in her dress (the dilemma of which dress to wear went on for weeks before the party!). She had worked hard to lose some weight also leading up to the event however ended up in hospital from over doing it. My mum has had cancer in the past and due to the treatment she had and her lymph nodes being taken out of one of her arms she has ended up with all sorts of problems that just floor her really badly out of the blue. This has meant lots of hospital trips, mainly for septicaemia which keeps coming back on her bust area where she had the cancer. The couple of weeks before the party my mum was in hospital with the worst case of this and we did worry that she wouldn’t be well enough for her big birthday plans but luckily she recovered and was much better just in time for her party.

The night was definitely quite an emotional one looking back over the years and the fact that she’d had breast cancer when she was 40 made it even more so. It was the realisation that my mum could have not been here for her 50th and how lucky we were to be celebrating it that night. The private doctor who essentially saved my mum’s life when she found out she had cancer even attended the party and I know my mum and our family will always be eternally grateful for everything he did for my mum and is now doing for other family members including my nanny (my mum’s mum). Unfortunately cancer is far too common in my family so knowing that there are doctors like him is certainly reassuring.

I really enjoyed myself at the party however being a mum, with a toddler running around meant I couldn’t switch off at all. Of course we had to have her only grandson there who is the apple of her eye but it was pretty stressful at times for me. He was actually an angel and spent most of the time dancing on the dance floor and running around but I was terrified of losing him in the busy room and so I had a mini heart attack every few seconds that he would disappear when someone tried to talk to me. I had to do that smiling and nodding whilst watching everything he was doing thing when people were talking to me and I just hoped no-one thought I was being rude. It is really tough being at a party with a little one, especially in heels when you try to pick them up whilst they have a tantrum! However watching him jumping about on the dance floor made it all worth it and was absolutely adorable.

My mum’s actual birthday was a little more chilled out and we went for lunch and had some family time on our own without 100+ other people all wanting to talk to my mum. We had stayed over the night before to be there on the morning of her birthday and I did her make-up before we went out. My poor Mr had to got to work whilst we were all having a lovely meal out but he got to come to the little get together later at my mum’s house for yet another party! The fun times for my mum continued from there with a spa day and afternoon tea with me soon after, an stay in a posh hotel for her and my dad from my brother and even a trip to Spain with her friend just recently! So she has been well and truly spoilt but she deserves it! I hope that I can age as brilliantly as my mum and continue living life to the full like her. She does so much for a lot of people and although to some her Birthday antics may be ridiculously OTT, nothing would be good enough for what she does for everyone!


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