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We Are Getting Married!!!!

The wedding tab on the site has been set up because, well, we are getting married! However it isn’t just about our wedding planning journey, we will be posting inspiration, tips, money saving ideas and lots of other wedding related stuff. Sie is actually an event manager/wedding planner and works for our family business owned by my mum. I used to work for the company too, which means we are all pretty experienced when it comes to planning weddings, and we certainly don’t do things by half. We will be giving you free wedding planning tips and inside information, that will hopefully help you with your big day. Of course as well as this we will be posting updates on us and our wedding, but will be keeping the main details secret until after the wedding, which is when millions of posts and photos will be revealed (naturally)!

We got engaged in Milan at the end of September and we are getting married in July 2017, so we have given ourselves 10 months to plan a wedding! Not the usual 1-2 years of planning like most sane people. We will be completely transforming the venue we have chosen and have been pretty much told we can do what we like. We are going all out on making it the way we want it for the big day but will be showing you ways that we saved money along the way too. I hope you enjoy following our story and hopefully this section of the blog will help you with your wedding. We love chatting to you, so make sure to leave any comments, tell us about your wedding and ask any questions on posts.

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