A Super Cool Groomsman Proposal

So, I wanted to do something a bit special to ask my Groomsmen if they’d be a part of the wedding. I’d seen something like this before whether it be a bottle of whiskey or some kind of token of appreciation. I really liked the idea of having their names engraved on a hip flask. My reasons for this were twofold; one because it’s a nice reminder of the day, having their name, title and date of the wedding on it. And two, because now that I went to the expense of having their names engraved into something, it would make it really difficult for them to say no. 😂 They all said yes. Result.

The gift contained the Hipflask which was obviously engraved with each of their names and their role (Groomsman/Best Man), a pair of socks also with their role on them and a mini bottle of Whisky.

I used the box that the hipflask came in (as shown above) and crammed everything in to save spending extra on a box for it all. It was a bit of a squish but after removing any padding and the yellow lining I just filled it with shredded paper and displayed everything in there the best I could. It did look good but I had to really sellotape the box shut to keep it all closed, especially since they were being posted. The shredded paper helped protect everything in there and everything arrived safe and intact!

As well as all the contents in the box, I also added a little card to the front of the box to formally ask them as an extra little touch. So the idea was they would get the package and not know what it was, open the card and then get their ‘groomsman/best man survival kit’.

If you liked what I did and want to know where to buy the stuff from you can find the links below.

Engraved Hip flask 

Best Man / Groomsman socks

Little Bottles of Whisky (comes as 3)

‘Suit Up’ Card

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