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My Top 8 Christmas Decor Hacks



Whilst I do get very excited about the idea of putting up my Christmas decorations, the reality of actually doing it isn’t always as fun. From spending what seems like forever getting everything out of the loft to spending 30+ mins sat sorting out the Christmas tree branches on our artificial tree. Add our now 3 year old in to the mix and putting up our decorations can very quickly go from festive fun to a Christmas catastrophe. There are some things that I do find help make life easier – my décor hacks and whilst some may be very obvious I am going to share my secrets with you!

1. Get a Staple Gun!


A staple gun can help with lots of things and can create pretty and effective lights features without having big nasty holes in your walls. Whilst it won’t work on every surface and won’t hold everything in place, some (not too heavy) fairy lights on a wall should work nicely! It is also useful for putting up outside lights!

2. Buy a Handheld hoover.


How many times do you find yourself having to get the hoover out, plug it in and hoover up pine needles, tinsel and so on, that very quickly spreads through the house? Well to save going to the effort of getting your hoover out 3+ times a day, just grab a cheapy hand held hoover, you can order one from the likes of Amazon for £15 and places like B&M will have them cheap. Keep it to hand so you can quickly get rid of unwanted mess in just a matter of seconds! If you have a cordless hoover this might not apply to you as they are pretty handy anyway!

3. Get a tree light net.


We bought one of these for the first time this year and have to say we can’t believe we had never bought one before. Instead of having to wrap the tree with that one long cord with lights and try and make it even. The net is like a skirt that you just wrap around the tree and it means all of the lights are even and don’t get lost inside the tree. They look so much better and it took about 10 seconds to wrap around.

4. Make your own Wreath!

Want a big fancy wreath without spending a fortune? Buy a pool noodle, cut it to size, bend it in to a circle and tape the ends together. Then with a glue gun, stick baubles, bells and anything else you fancy to it, covering the pool noodle and it will look amazing! Perfect way to use up any old baubles or random ones you don’t use on your tree.

5. Wrap your doors!

A really effective and cheap, eye catching decoration is to wrap your door like a Christmas present. Whether it is your front door, garage door or an inside door it really does look so lovely! Just buy some organza and wrap it like it is a big present! As you are wrapping the actual doors and not attaching it to door frames, it still means you have a fully functional door! Apart from being slightly fiddly it doesn’t actually take very long to do!

6. DIY Upside Down Wineglass centrepieces.

These centrepieces/candle holders take just seconds to create, they look really pretty and once you no longer need them the wineglasses are still…just wineglasses. You don’t need to spend money on them and it’s usually just things you already have. You can do all sorts of combinations but a great easy one is a wine glass, upside down with some baubles inside. Then just add a plain pillar or pretty candle on top. I used a small one but a bigger pillar candle looks great too. Adding flowers inside the glasses looks really lovely also! These centrepieces are especially good for last minute dinner plans at your home to dress the table quick!

7. Make Edible Christmas Art.

This one is fun for little ones and what’s better is they can actually eat it afterwards. All you need is a piece of paper, an ice cream cone, sweets and icing. Whilst the photo of my 3 year old’s below isn’t the best example…you can really be very creative and even paint it with green icing and use lots of yummy things to decorate it with.

8. Buy some Gluhwein (or mulled wine!)!


Ok, so this isn’t exactly a décor hack, but  the mess, chaos and décor gone wrong really won’t bother you anywhere near as much after a few Gluhweins! Add a bit of Amaretto to it too and your Christmas tree OCD will no longer exist! It certainly worked for me!


I hope you liked my fun Christmas décor hacks and hopefully they were useful to someone! If you would like to see more brilliant hacks (I promise they are better than mine!) check out this post on the Festive Lights website here


Please Note, This was a collaboration post


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