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The Sites that will help you win when buying a gift for your child

Buying Christmas presents for your child can be difficult. Especially as us parents find it hard to keep up with what is ‘cool’ and the latest toys or most wanted gifts regularly coming out. As they grow up they go through different phases and their personality changes all the time. You could find one minute you have a barbie doll loving child and the next the dolls are boxed up and it’s all about football and the outdoors. From princess to tom boy, just as you feel you are getting up to date on their current interests they like to completely change things up and move on. Trying to keep up is impossible at times and this basically means, we are destined to always be uncool and…well…wrong.


I have put together some brill websites that suit each child’s interests, so hopefully you will be winning when it comes to Christmas presents this year!


The Artist

Does your child love anything creative? From drawing and painting to play dough and just generally anything messy, The Works is definitely up there as a favourite! The Works is a fairly well known one but for some reason the only time I would buy from there was when I was passing a shop. I never think to visit them online and their deals are brilliant!


The Musician

If your child loves to make lots of noise whether they love to strum on the guitar or bang on a drum Knock On Wood has some lovely quality instruments on there for all ages. They have everything from budget to much more expensive items but all are beautifully made and they have such a brilliant range of instruments on there.


The Dude/Dudette

This category is particularly hard for some parents. If your child would rather spend their time at the skate park perfecting tricks and wearing ‘cool’ clothes that you have absolutely no knowledge on, where should you be shopping? The Skate Hut has you covered so don’t worry!! You can’t go wrong if you buy from this site and your child might actually think you are a little bit cool! They sell everything from clothing to skateboards, longboards and scooters. My son is only 4 but I am definitely saving this one for later!

The Athlete

Whenever I am buying sports stuff Sports Direct is my go to place! I find you can get some absolute bargains on this site and there are usually huge savings on top brands, especially in their clearance and their regular flash sales! So whether your child is football obsessed or just loves spending all their time outdoors you can find great deals on clothing and equipment!


The Make Believer

Does your child love doing role-play? One day they are a doctor and then the next a princess or maybe even a rock star. My favourite website for children’s imaginative play toys has to be KiddicareThey have a great selection of super cute toys and have something for every child on there!


The Scientist

Does your child love playing with various different science kits and learning about new things? Definitely check out Brightminds for some brilliant gifts! They have various different science kits and you can even shop by age which is very helpful!


The fashionista

Does your child love to be fashionable? Having a fashion loving kid can be expensive as they want the brands and the new popular items that usually come with a bigger price tag. Thankfully, there are lots of sites where you can get the brands for a lot less. The most well known one is TK Maxx but there are some sites that aren’t as well known! If you haven’t heard of BargainCrazy before then you definitely need to check it out. They are a clearance site for the likes of Very and Littlewoods and feature lots of big brands hugely discounted. They have a great selection of clothes and items come and go all the time so you need to regularly check for new things being added.


The Game/Movie Buff

There are many sites dedicated to gaming and TV lovers but my favourite has to be Cex. They buy and sell second hand DVD’s, Blu Ray’s, Games, Consoles, Phones, Tablets and more. This means getting the must have items for a lot lot less. This is perfect for parents of children who fly through every game or box set as you aren’t spending a fortune on everything you buy. You can even sell your stuff back to them at a slightly reduced cost and put that money back in to something new.



Do any of your children fall in to any of these categories? Have you found any great sites for Christmas shopping that you can share with us? Comment below and let us know!


This is a collaborative post with the skate hut

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