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So it’s no secret that I have been slacking on the blogging and social media side of things since end of last year. I hate not being able to keep up with my blog but then again I have had a pretty good reason not to!…….

I am excited to finally announce that we have another baby on the way in August!!

It has been a hard 12 weeks that is for sure! I have suffered the dreaded pregnancy sickness. No I won’t call it morning sickness as that implies that I was just sick on a morning. NO NO, I have been sick all day and night every day since pretty much 7 weeks. It’s been the longest 5 weeks of my life and if you think that me finally posting this blog post means I’m all better now…you would be wrong. I am still super sick and super tired which is a great combination of course. If one more person suggests some ginger biscuits I’m going to shove a full pack down their throat! Ok, I’m not that mean but seriously peeps..that ginger is doing nothing and just adds a not so gentle burn when it comes back up!


How did I find out?

To be honest I knew fairly early on just from having some sore boobs. They were so much more sore than they would be for a period and I just knew I needed to take a test! I can’t rely on periods to tell me anything as mine are super messed up so I wouldn’t know if I missed one.


The First 12 Weeks

Well the first 12 weeks have been tough but I just keep reminding myself that the baby at the end is worth it! I’ve experienced some pretty bad bloating which made me look pregnant from about 8 weeks and now at 12 weeks, baby and bloating combined….I have a ridiculous sized bump! To be honest I’m not surprised as I was big with my other baby and he was a little sumo when he came out so i’m expecting the same to be honest. I am gaining weight lovely, and when I say lovely I mean I am piling it on, even when throwing most stuff up, so that is great! Good job I bought a load of baggy jumpers to keep me going for a while as nothing really fits. I have the rest of my life to get back in shape so I’m going to embrace my lumpy, frumpy shape for now and enjoy my comfy jumpers! New Look has been my saviour for clothing at the min I have to admit!

This time in the pregnancy I have been really quite chilled out compared to the first time. I am not panicking at every little thing and just pretty chilled out. Or at least I was until I had a bit of a scare and then I found myself in a total mess. The thing is, I had never bled in my previous pregnancy and although I knew about spotting it never occurred to me that it would happen if I didn’t have it with my first. I also had no idea how much was actually normal and in my head spotting was just a tiny bit of blood maybe when you wipe. But I actually had a full on period and it was when I went for a wee and looked down in the toilet to get the shock of my life. It was filled with blood and I remember my heart just sank. In my head, that was it, I was having a miscarriage. I just thought, there was no way you could bleed that much and the baby could be ok! I will be writing a post about this in a bit more depth as I feel I have a whole lot more to say but that’s for next time! The good news is I booked in for a private scan the following day and all was fine with baby and further scans since have showed all is well.

Other symptoms I have experienced so far…super itchy skin which keeps me up through the night. This slightly terrifies me as I had obstetric cholestasis with last pregnancy which is likely to happen with this one and I also suffered (and I mean SUFFERED) with PUPP/PEP. For those of you who don’t know what this is, don’t google it if you are pregnant as it is pretty scary looking. Those extreme photos of it that you see on google…yeah that was me. I was covered heat to toe in a hives rash that was permanently there from about 32 weeks and my husband said I looked like a burns victim. People would actually move away from me as I looked like I had some horrific disease. It was by far the worst thing I have experienced ever and I will also be writing a post on this in more detail as it certainly deserves the full story! So yeah, itchy skin is bringing back the memories of some God awful things I went through in my first pregnancy.

Pregnancy insomnia! Oh my God this is killing me along with the horrible hormone driven nightmares. My poor husband has had to put up with me being a bit off with him for something ‘dream him’ did. I can’t shake the feelings after the dream and it’s weird because I get so upset with him for something he didn’t do and I know that is just crazy! The scary nightmares are also awful and i’m thinking I need to lay off the horror films for a bit as they are getting detailed! I am so tired and if I have a bad nights sleep that really makes my sickness so much worse. So basically I just feel like I’m always in a pretty bad grumpy mood but this time around in the pregnancy I have to be a mum at the same time. So it’s definitely a lot harder but my son has been pretty amazing helping me, he is so kind.


How we announced it

So we found out right before Christmas about the pregnancy. So we decided that Christmas was going to be the time to tell our family. The husband and I debated it for ages and we didn’t want to do anything too much but wanted to do something fun. I came up with the idea of doing a photo calendar of our son, Reid. So for every month I took a photo of him that was something to do with that month. Then for the month the baby was due we had a photo of him holding the early baby scan we had done. Watching our parents flick through the calendar was brilliant and agonising at the same time. Waiting for them to get to August felt like it was taking forever. The reactions were brilliant and you can see them in the video below!


Here are the photos that featured in the calendar. Reid was the perfect little model and we managed to get them done over 3 days after nursery and it was tough but we did it!




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