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Okay, so I just had a baby. Let’s face it, clothes shopping post baby can be utterly miserable! Don’t even talk to me about online shopping! I just do the same usual Primark, Tesco, Asda basics because why would I invest in clothes I hope I no longer fit in the near future. I do feel a bit boring though and not the most fashionable. I don’t love my clothes, they just serve a purpose. I mean there is nothing wrong with those stores at all, who doesn’t love a bit of Primarni or an easy grab, comfortable bargain! It was more the fact that I found myself buying just the usual boring leggings, long baggy t-shirts, that was pretty much as exciting as it got.

I have just started on my weight loss journey now my little one is 7 months old. She is on solids now, so making her healthy food was a good opportunity to make it for both of us! I had to cook for her so there was no ‘I can’t be bothered’ about it, I had no choice. I have only just started my healthy eating but so far it is going well. I can start looking forward to the clothes I will buy once I shed some of the pounds!

I was offered the opportunity to review some clothing from a popular online store. My initial reaction was, ‘Yay’, shortly followed by ‘oh my God I can’t’, followed by ‘but I really want to, the clothes are so pretty’, followed by ‘well I won’t look like that model in them’. I mean, it’s quite a scary thing reviewing clothes and posting photos online of you with your ‘new body’. Especially when in your opinion you aren’t looking your best! I decided however, to bite the bullet, stop being a whimp and just go for it. I mean I had reviewed clothes so many times in the past, its no big deal.

Femme Luxe clothing is sexy, fashionable and very reasonable priced! If you are looking for something figure hugging and perfect for a night out then this is the site for you. In saying that, they have plenty of day time clothing and even their jumpers and tee’s are really lovely. Trying to choose items for myself was hard! I really wanted so many of the pretty dresses, but since I don’t have much of a party lifestyle right now (thanks to a little dribble monster) I went for stuff I knew I would actually wear. Clothing that I hoped and prayed would be flattering at the same time.

With it being Winter I went for stuff that I felt was perfect to wear now. I decided on general every day clothing and chose 4 different items. I was a bit nervous about sizing as my current size is a 14-16 (2-3 sizes bigger than I normally am). Their sizes go up to a 12-14 but the items looked so stretchy and comfy that I thought it was worth a try. I needn’t have worried however as everything fit me like an absolute dream! First time in ages I haven’t had an absolute meltdown after ordering clothes online and trying them on!

High Neck Knitted Side Split Jumper Dress – Grey £41.98 (on sale currently for £16.99!!!)

I absolutely adored this jumper. It was so stretchy and light so I didn’t feel like I was overheating when wearing it. I still felt air flowing through the material but it gave me that extra bit of warmth, especially thanks to the exaggerated turtle neck which I loved! It hugged my curvy hips but without showing too many lumps and bumps. The material was nice and soft and really comfortable.

Khaki Oversized Sweater Mini Dress in Khaki – £25.98 (currently £10.99 in the sale!)

This was my favourite item! I mean it is such a good all rounder and I just want to wear it all the time. On me it isn’t quite as baggy but still fit me so nicely and was just like a big oversized sweater. I actually want this in every colour! It could be worn with leggings or bare legs but it is the perfect top to throw on day to day. It looks really cool but is also really casual and comfy. The material feels very god quality, it is not thin at all. I would wear this top every day if I could.

Cold Shoulder Cut-Out Jersey Dress in Khaki – £27.98 ( currently £11.99 in the sale!)

As you can tell from my previous choice and this one, I love a bit of Khaki! I just think the colour goes so well with my blonde hair and pale skin. This was more of a top on me than a dress but I liked that it was almost a kind of dressed up version of the sweater I chose. It was the same material and had the same sweater style sleeves but had the added cold shoulder and belt. This was perfect for a slightly smarter occasion where you still wanted to be comfortable. Whack on a pair of skinny jeans with it or go bare legs with some knee high boots! I love that it is a really unique style and it comes in other colours too.

Champagne Is Always The Answer Slogan T-shirt In Black – £11.98 (Currently £5.99 In The Sale!)

How could I not buy this t-shirt! Champagne IS the answer…always! Ok…so maybe that is wishful thinking ha. But regardless it is cute t-shirt that is so nice and soft. It is really stretchy and I was surprised at just how flattering it was with it fitted to my body. The material wan’t see-through but at the same time was nice and lightweight. I loved this with my leather look skirt with a pair of black tights for winter!

If you have seen some gorge items on the Femme Luxe site then now is the time to buy whilst the sale is on! I would definitely praise the company on their customer service, quality of clothing and super sexy, confidence boosting clothing. I even loved their packaging! This was my first experience with the company and I would highly recommend them!

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*I was sent the clothing above in exchange for my honest feedback*


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