Pop Snotz Unboxing

I am definitely a big kid at heart. For some reason I love all kids things that are gooey and squishy and I could sit and play with them for ages. There are so many options now and the likes of slime and squishies and those squishy ball things that have glitter inside, its all the rage now so there is loads out there. My son has all these fantastical things to play with and has a full box of these kinds of toys (you can never have enough of course).

I received an email asking if I would like to receive a new item called pop snotz and of course I was intrigued. I had a look at what it was and the big kid in me was instantly very excited and responded straight away with a yes. Obviously it was for my son but I was looking forward to having a go. It was a biggggg case of lots of pods that had goo inside. You could pop them like a spot and inside some there were little figures hidden in the goo. It is brilliantly gross and lots of fun. You can watch the video of my little guy doing an unboxing video of Pop Snotz. He was so excited to start popping that he didn’t even get the mat out first ( it wasn’t as fun having to clean up after).

Please note that I was sent this product for free however any reviews/comments are honest and my own opinions.

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