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Shoe Zone – Lilley Strappy Wedge Sandals Review

I was offered the opportunity to choose any pair of shoes from Shoe Zone online to review. I have never ordered from Shoe Zone before so I was definitely interested to find out how this bargain shoe store compared to some of the other stores out there!

I chose the Lilley strappy wedge sandals in black – £14.99, as I seem to have such a large collection of boots and winter shoes but I am lacking in the spring/summer shoe department. Plus I thought they looked gorgeous and would go with a lot. They arrived very quickly and they looked just as beautiful in real life as they did on screen. I was worried with them not being real leather that they may be a little plastic-y looking or uncomfortable but you really couldn’t tell it was faux leather. When I finally tried them on I was so suprised at just how comfortable they were! I am not one who can wear uncomfortable shoes and rock them like a supermodel. They could be the most gorgeous pair of heels and I won’t wear them unless they are comfortable.

The shoes ticked all the boxes appearance and comfort wise but the real test was were they practical and could I walk in them without looking like I had a limp? Don’t get me wrong, I can wear the higest pair of heels in the world and walk in them no problem if they are made well, however even a tiny heel that isn’t practical is just no good.  Especially as I would probably be wearing them at some event/party or day out with my son and would have to carry him at times. The shoes were so light on the feet and although they were fairly high wedges they had a good bit of wedge at the front of the shoe meaning I wasn’t putting too much pressure on the balls of my feet. Obviously this meant they were very comfortable to wear and they were definitely very easy to walk in. I couldn’t believe that I had just found a bargain pair of shoes that were fashionable, comfortable and practical! I have already started eyeing up the same shoes in the other colour available which is Beige.

I chose the shoes in black because i felt they would go with a lot, plus they could be dressed up or dressed down. They were perfect for in the day time with a skirt or a maxi dress however also worked for night time and smarter occasions. They were definitely my favourite teamed with my skinny black jeans and a bright coloured top and they made my already long legs, look even longer and slim. I still really loved the shoes teamed with a party dress or a ‘going out’ dress and really liked how versatile they were.

The shoes are perfect for an occasion that starts in the day and turns in to a night time do, with them being sandals that have a good bit of height on them. They are fashionable, comfortable and definitely versatile so I would 100% recommend you have a pair of these lovely wedges in your shoe collection!

Shoe zone have many differnet styles of shoes online and you can also visit one of their stores if you like to try before you buy! Find your nearest store HERE

To view their full range of shoes CLICK HERE – make sure to check out their current offers online!

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  • Rita andrews

    I have found lilley flat black shoes so comfortable I bought 2 pairs when I had a knee replacement surgery & they ticked all the boxes & were so comfortable & thick inner soles I have since bought 2 more pairs in white & black

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