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Soda Stream Review

I was out shopping with my mum in Aldi recently and I love having a good browse through the deals and the bits and pieces in the metal display carts. I was having a good rummage through the sale items and was extremely excited and suprised to find a soda stream reduced from £49.99 to £29.99! I had been wanting one of these for a while as I love fizzy drinks but don’t allow myself to have them often due to the amount of sugar. The Soda Stream allows you to make home made fizzy drinks easily using just water and whatever flavouring you would like to add. Therefore meaning you can make sugar free/less sugary drinks and it also meant I could experiment with different flavours. The other great thing about soda stream is that it is getting you to drink more water rather than drinks like lemonade or coke, but without feeling like you are missing out on your fizzy drinks. As soon as I saw this in Aldi, like a big child I grabbed it and ran over to my mum jumping up and down saying look at this, look at this. I was about to buy it when my mum grabbed it from my hands and said she wanted to buy it as an early easter present (I am pretty sure easter eggs don’t cost £29.99!!) so of course I was a very happy girlie.

I decided to have a go the following day and get it all set up in the kitchen. After studying the machine for a little while and a brief look at the instructions I knew what I was doing and It was very easy to assemble. Once assembled, the machine consists of a white stand with a gas cannister inside and has a nozzle sticking out (which goes in to the water and is where the gas comes out). The machine does not have a plug or require batteries which is great as I could use it pretty much anywhere and found it great to use sat at the kitchen table. The Soda Stream came with some accessories (shown in the photo below). These include 2 large bottles, 2 small bottles a box of sample flavours to try and a mocktail/cocktail recipe book. I have enjoyed trying out the sample flavours however plan on most of the time making my own juices and flavourings. When trying out the Soda Stream for the very first time, I decided to do two large bottles of different sample flavours. I used one sample flavour for me and one for the boyfriend. I picked cream soda as I hadn’t had that in years and the boyfriend picked dandelion and burdock. The machine was so so easy to use and it literally took less than 2 minutes to make one bottle of soda drink.

To make a drink I had to fill cold water up to the line on the bottle, insert and screw in the bottle to the machine with the nozzle inserted in to the water.

Then I had to press the large grey button on top repeatedly to pump gas in to the water until I heard a minimum of 3 short sharp buzz noises. Pumping gas in to the water for 3 buzzes gave a standard fizz however I chose to continue pressing the button until I heard a fourth buzz, to make the drink just a little more fizzy. Once I had finished I then had to pull the bottle forward towards me at an angle, unscrew it and then add the sample flavouring. A couple of gentle shakes later and I had a perfect bottle of pop! The cream soda I made originally is still fizzy two days later and still tastes great. I am very happy with my Soda Stream and love that it is also very compact and doesn’t bulk up my kitchen. It is a lot smaller than I had expected which is great and obviously has no wires which makes it easily portable. The only slight down side is that you will need to buy more gas cannisters, as they will run out. The cannisters will cost you £19.99 however if you return your empty cannister then you will get a refund of £10 meaning they only actually cost you £9.99. So really they are inexpesive and will save you money on fizzy drinks over time. Plus currently they have a 25% off gas cannisters when you exchange your old on. Therefore it will actually only cost you £7.49 once you have obtained your £10 refund. To take advantage of this discount just use code : 25OFFGAS at checkout.

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