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Vax Dual Pro Advance Carpet Cleaner Review –

I am a regular reviewer for and I review the latest appliances/white goods from them. I was delighted to receive a new Vax carpet washer to review as I had been wanting one for a while. You can read my brief review below and watch the full review (and see it in action) in the vlog above!

When I first took the product out of the box I was surprised to see just how much came with it. I thought to begin with that it looked really complicated but I soon realised that it was quite the opposite and very easy to set up and use. You could tell the product was built really well and was of a high quality and I actually loved the design and the look of it. When I tried the carpet cleaner on some stains on my carpet for the first time I was actually blown away with how amazingly it cleaned the carpets and with very little effort. I watched the dirt/stains disappear before my eyes and couldn’t wait to do the rest of the house, since we have all cream carpets throughout. I tried the attachment hose with the spin scrub brush attached too and was also pleasantly surprised at its effectiveness. I love that it came with this as it made doing the stairs and smaller more awkward areas a breeze. The carpet cleaner also held a lot of water which meant I could do full rooms without having to stop and empty/re-fill part way through. This machine will make my life so much easier and it is definitely one of my favourite cleaning products. I feel it is really good value for money especially since it comes with a bag filled with extras including 2 bottles of detergent and pre-treatment solution. I was very happy with this product and couldn’t really fault it. The only thing that I would say is it is a very heavy product which makes transporting it up and downstairs a little more difficult. However being so big means it covers a large area and also holds a lot of water which also adds to the weight. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a carpet cleaner, it is by far the best one I have ever used.


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