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Hothair – Hair Pieces Review

I love my hair extensions and 90% of the time I am wearing them because my hair is just so thin and damaged from bleaching my hair many years ago.  My hair doesn’t grow much at all and the ends are so thin and it just generally looks limp and lifeless without my extensions. I have had semi-permanent extensions in before however currently stick to clip-ins which does mean putting them in every day. Although I feel I have mastered the art It does take time to clip all 8 pieces in each time, and let’s face it, we all have days when we just can’t be bothered to make an effort. Especially us mums!

I was offered the opportunity to try some clip-in hair pieces from a well known hair piece company called Hot Hair. They sell everything from wigs to hair extensions and clip-on ponys.

They sell human and synthetic hair extensions and they have very competitive prices. With options to suit every person and every budget. I was quite excited as firstly, who doesn’t like free hair pieces?! Secondly They were meant to be quick and easy to use which was ideal for days when I just couldn’t be bothered and also for whilst I was on holiday. Creating stylish up dos in minutes.

I was sent a selection of hair pieces in 3 different styles. With me having ombre hair it made it a little difficult to match the colour up from a photo, so I was sent a few different shades to try.

I received the Lavish Pony in Butterscotch and Creamy Twist, the Long Perfect pony in Creamy Twist and the side bun in Butterscotch and Creamy Twist. Having ombre hair also meant that although the colours needed to match my hair, there was a bit of leeway and all of them worked quite well in my hair. Although some colours did match a lot better than others, so I just stuck to wearing those.

 The Lavish Pony – £35

I wore this one in the Butterscotch colour which was a near match to my hair. I have to admit I haven’t ever tried the synthetic hair and had never fancied trying them, as I wasn’t sure how reaistic they would look. Well I am now eating my words! When I first took the hair piece out of the lovely packaging I did think it looked a bit ‘doll hair’ like and too ‘perfect’ looking. I then realised that all it needed was a bit of a brush and it went so soft, and fluffy looking with more of a natural wave/flick to it, instead of perfect curls. It no longer looked shiny or felt plastic-y, it just looked great. I was so impressed and was even more impressed at just how easy it was to put in to my hair. The hair piece was attached to a big bull dog clip and literally just needed cipping on top of my pony tail. It honestly couldn’t have been more simple. It created a much more exciting looking pony tail than my natural limp hair could. The hair was very long and swishy and could be brought over on to the shoulder and round to the front. The pony tail was very comfotable to wear and once you had got a good grip in to the hair it stayed in place all day perfectly.

 The Long Perfect Pony – £24

I was only sent the one colour ‘ Creamy Twist’ in this hair piece, it was the lightest shade of all the pieces I was sent. It didn’t quite match my hair as well as the Lavish Pony in Butterscotch, however still worked fine with me having ombre hair with lighter ends. If I could choose, then I probably would have got a slightly darker colour in this however. This Hair piece was a nice simple style and was just a long, straight pony. However it was a lot smaller and lighter than the lavish pony.  The hair piece didn’t have a bull dog clip however was a ‘wrap around’ pony. It securely wrapped around your own pony tail with velcro to seal it and a piece of curled hair attached that could be wrapped around and pinned in place. This hid the velcro and gave a really nice effect. This hair piece looked so natural and I thought it was really pretty and definitely a nice every day one. A little less glam than the lavish pony but was perfect for things like work, shopping for the day and so on. It ws really comfortable and really looked lovely. If this had been a better match colour wise then I think this may have been the favourite of the two hair pieces so far.

The Effortless Wrap – £14

Out of the two colours I was sent in this, I decided the Butterscotch colour matched my hair perfectly. I took this hair piece away with me on holiday as I thought I would probably be wearing my hair up a lot with the heat. I thought this could look nice, whilst keeping my hair out of the way.

I was so happy I did bring this piece with me and it was by far my favourite! It was basically a bobble with hair attached (leaving the hole in the middle). I quickly put my hair up in a side bun with a bobble and then, attached the bobble hair piece on top, wrapping it around two times. It was as simple as putting a hair bobble in your hair as essentially thats all it was. I couldn’t believe how effective it was, It just looked so natural and simply beautiful. It created a messy bun style and with a bit of red lippy added and my new lovely tan I felt very spanish!

It was so nice to have my hair off my neck and up out of my face whilst on holiday in the heat, so this was just the perfect holiday hair piece!

I was very happy with all 3 pieces, in particular the Effortless Wrap and they have definitely changed my view of synthetic hair pieces. I would definitely buy other peices from Hot hair and the prices are Just amazing. So much cheaper than human hair extensions and even cheaper than a lot of synthetic ones I have seen too. If anyone is going on holiday then you HAVE to buy one of the Effortless wraps (you will need long enough hair to be able to put it in a little side bun). If you love big glamourous full hair then definitely go for the Lavish pony which will make it look like you have nice thick hair. Or if you just fancy a bit of length added on and a nice sleek style then the Long Perfect Pony is the one for you!

To see the full range of hair pieces, including their human hair pieces also visit Hot Hair online HERE

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You can visit Hot Hair on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE

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