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Truffle Woman’s Black Strappy High Heel- Shoe Zone Review

If you have been following my blog for a while you will have noticed I reviewed a pair ofwedges from in the past. You will also know that I was very happy with the pair of bargain shoes so when I was asked to review another pair of shoes from the store of my choosing, of course I was more than happy to oblige. I had been wanting a pair of black strappy shoes for a while so when I discovered the Truffle Woman’s Black Strappy High Heel on the site It was just meant to be! They also had this particular shoe in 2 other colours/patterns – Nude and Floral. I did also really love the other colours but decided that black would serve me best and would get the most wear.

When I first received the shoes I really loved the box they arrived in. It looked very ‘designer shoe’ and the box alone gave the impression of an expensive pair of shoes inside. The shoes were faux leather however looked so real and I was very pleased to see that they didn’t look plastic-y or too shiny which can be the case with some faux leathers. They were really comfortable to wear an were so nice and light on the feet. The stiletto heel was easy to walk on and not too wobbly/flimsy and the height wasn’t too much so the shoes could be worn for quite a long time. I did find the shoes very comfortable, the only slight downfall was that with them being so dainty and light I did feel stones and uneven ground through the bottom of the shoes at times. However this is something I find to be the case with this style of shoe in general.

I did really love wearing the shoes and couldn’t get over just how expensive they looked. They really were made really well and the price was just unbelieveable at only £17.99!! I thought about buying the other two colours for that incredible price. Wit the shoes being black and quite simple they really went with absolutely everything. They really dressed up a pair of cropped jeans with a nice top and worked well with a floaty skirt and also a nice dress. They could also be worn for a smart/work occasion in the summer with them being plain black but they also still looked summery being a strappy sandal. With them being comfortable it meant they could be worn a long time which was perfect for days when you are on your feet quite a bit.

I am really happy with these shoes and would definitely buy more pairs (although with the mainly bad weather this summer so far I don’t think I need too many more sandals!). They are definitely very current and fashionable and go with a lot but are still nice and simple.

There are more and more new styles being added all the time on the site. You can view all the ;atest styles in the Truffle range HERE or view the full range of Women’s, Children’s and Men’s shoes HERE

You can also visit Shoe Zone on facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE

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