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I Think I Am Now a Pizza Hut Fan!

Up until the weekend I hadn’t been to a Pizza Hut for probably atleast 1-2 years. But this wasn’t by accident, I actually really disliked the restaurant as majority of the time I had visited one I usually had a bad or not great experience. It was usually down to service and I never had a brilliant meal. I remember one time actually placing an order with a waitress, waiting an hour and then finding out that she had forgotten to actually put the order through so essentially we had just been sat there for no reason. We eventually left and I swore I would never go to another Pizza Hut again.So roll on a couple of years later and here I am entering Pizza Hut at Durham City Retail Park, with lets just say not the highest of expectations. We decided to go as we were all really hungry, my toddler was sick of shopping and McDonalds just wasn’t going to cut it that day. With how hungry I was feeling, I didn’t really care where we ate, so when we saw Pizza Hut and we knew we could sit down and get ‘proper food’ we though oh what the heck.12659778_10153993718955337_1844129606_nFrom the moment we walked in I could just tell it was different this time. The restaurant was looking rather cool with it’s décor, framed superhero posters on the wall, an american style diner feel with very smiley looking staff to greet you as soon as you walked in. I saw the waiter grab some crayons and a colouring book when he noticed little Reid and he asked us where was best to sit for our toddler and did we need a high-chair. Everything looked so clean and new and as a mum I can appreciate a clean looking high-chair and table (which is a rare occurrence nowadays).The menu was different and we were talking about all the different things that looked good on the menu. The waiter over heard us and quickly came over and said if you are wanting to order a pizza each, why not go for this meal deal which works out a lot cheaper for you and includes 3 sides a half and half pizza and a sharing dessert. We appreciated his input and decided to go with his suggestion. The deal came with garlic bread fingers which were amazing, 2 sides of our choice – we chose 2 lots of chicken bites (adults chicken nuggets) and for the pizza went with half a chicken supreme and half a meat feast pizza, which was still a good size. Being the greedy pigs that we are we also ordered another started that we had been eyeing up because it looked awesome, crisps covered in hot cheese sauce. They really were amazing and everything we ate tasted so so good. We didn’t leave a single thing.When it came to selecting our drinks the waiter said to go to the self serve drinks area and choose what we wanted as there were 25 different flavours to choose from. Never have I ever had 25 different fizzy drinks to choose between at a restaurant. It is usually the same old Lemonade, Coke, Fanta (if you are lucky). This was definitely one of my favourite things about the restaurant. You had the choice between 5 different normal drinks such as Pepsi, 7up, Tango etc. But then you could choose which flavour you wanted and they had 5 different options for each drink, with weird and wonderful flavours like strawberry Pepsi or vanilla 7up (which is what I chose). It was all touch screen and people could tell I was a pizza hut self serve drinks virgin as I stood there in amazement and in slight confusion at what I was doing.
12722035_10153993718635337_156623143_nFor Reid there was a great kids menu and I absolutely loved the fact that they catered for all ages rather than just did one menu for all kids. They had a smaller kids menu and big kids menu and also a couple of baby food options on there, which made eating out in a big group or as a family just brilliant as there was something for everyone!  The children got a lot and I felt it was definitely value for money. Reid’s pizza and chips went down well with him and I loved their new chips which were really crispy and looked almost like they were coated in breadcrumbs kind of like mozzarella sticks. They were very tasty (obviously had to pinch one when the little guy wasn’t looking).12660360_10153993397165337_807243752_nThe best bit about the whole meal was the dessert. We totally forgot about the dessert that came with it and when it arrived I remember looking at my Mr and laughing at the size and the fact that I had already unbuttoned my jeans and was ready to burst. But of course we couldn’t not give it a go (yes, we ate the entire thing, with the help from our little guy). It was the best thing I have ever tasted. It was a long dish filled with salted caramel cookie with scoops of ice cream on top. The cookie was almost still a bit dough-like and was hot, with the melting ice cream on top it was just heaven.In my opinion they had really stepped up the game with their menu but the main thing that was apparent to me was the brilliant service we had from the moment we walked in. I actually discussed with my Mr at the table about how the customer service really made the dining experience. Something I never expected to say at a Pizza Hut restaurant from previous experiences. Our waiter was so friendly and I loved that we actually had a bit of conversation aside from the usual ‘what can I get you?’ and ‘would you like chips with that?’ talk.I think I can actually hold my hand up and say I am a Pizza Hut fan now! I won’t be going there too often as it’s not ideal for my diet, even if there is a salad bar (I’m just not that strong to order just salad at a pizza restaurant). However I will definitely look forward to going there again and definitely as a treat for the 3 of us.I have noticed that Pizza Hut regularly have offers on either on their site or on Facebook so it is worth checking on-line before visiting a store and make sure you get the best deal possible!


  • Chris Fliss

    I hadn’t been for years either but a couple of months ago, myself, my daughter and grandson went shopping in Kingston and after a few hours we were all ready for some lunch, we had to queue for a few minutes to get a table then chose all you can eat and drink option. We were very pleasantly surprised, the pizza was delicious. light and fluffy crust, the pizza station was constantly replenished, the salad fresh and crisp and the drink lovely and cold with plenty of fizz. :-)

    • Fran

      Definitely a huge improvement! It was a brilliant meal, the most food I have ever eaten! ha. The sharing cookie desserts are just the best :)

    • Eileen

      I have to agree! I was really surprised at the choice and variety especially for my 4 kids different tastes. It was wonderful feeling full up with no dishes to wash too!!

  • Bryony

    I’m not keen on Pizza Hut at I much prefer Dominos!

    The lunch time buffet is always a bad experience for us as it’s always so busy and the staff can’t cope with it as there’s never any pizza on the heated plates although the staff are running around like headless chickens!

  • michelle mcveigh

    Thank you so much for this, my kids love pizza but its usually a tesco value frozen 1 cooked at home, treat is usually a chinese or chippy from the local or subway/burger king when out shopping, i most definitely will give pizza hut a try next time we’re out & about, i can also use it as a bribe to keep them content & prevent them fighting while we’re out!! Thanks again, i’m sure my kids will appreciate it!

  • Angela Mckinley

    I have to agree that the lunch buffet causes headaches.
    However rwading this I may opt for individual meals next time for my son and I.
    Good customer service at any restaurant always makes a difference!

  • Linda Revell

    We love Pizza Hut, especially now they do a very tasty low calorie pizza slice. Pile on the salad and you have a guilt free meal as long as you don’t look at the sweet menu!

  • Julie Jones

    I was pleasantly surprised when I took my son to Pizza Hut recently. We had a delicious meal and the atmosphere was so friendly.

  • Amy merry

    I love pizza hut! But that’s probably because our local one is always so welcoming! We have always had great service and certain waitresses even remember our kids by name. (Yes we go alot) it’s a place we can go for “proper foid” without worrying g the kids are a bit too loud etc

  • Jennifer baker

    I think I have only been to Pizza Hut once ! Reading this makes me want to go again. I remember they had colouring pens to keep the kids entertained and the pizza was sooooo nice. Definitely going to treat the kids x

  • Ashleigh Cotterrill

    I get really bored of pizza takeaway but there is something about the buffet lunch at pizza hut – especially their chilli sprinkles which i dont think they do anymore! Next time im going armed with my schwartz shaker haha.
    Glad you had a good experience this time round though x

  • Elicia Donnelly

    I haven’t been to Pizza Hut for years because I found it too “chain store” but after reading your blog super Mummy I am definately going to give it another try next time I’m in Brighton, it sounds as if they have upped their game. Very interesting read .

  • Laura Bryant

    As a family we all love Pizza Hut – haven’t been for a while because our nearest is about 20 miles away. My mouth is actually watering write this comment just thinking about the stuffed crust!!

  • Donna Carver

    I must admit I LOVE Pizza Hut, just a shame that at our local Pizza Hut when they lovely waiter/ess takes your order and gives you your order they then rush you to finish to seat new customers :( I make sure I enjoy my meal and don’t rush just for them to get more custom, sorry but why should I rush when I’m paying!?

  • Emma biddle

    I go to Pizza Hut in Stratford with my daughter a few times a year and I must admit the food is always nice and we do enjoy going, it’s value for money and we love the lunch buffet. X

  • Melanie Burton

    Wow! I haven’t been to Pizza Hit for years either! After reading your blog though I defo think I’m going to drag my other half to our local one soon! It sounds amazing!

  • dina gregory

    im not a fan of pizza hut think the restraunt i went to put me of the food tasted horrible the toilets was manky. the best place for pizza has to be delphinos x

  • jane dark

    never been to pizza hut always dominoes but after reading your blog will have to give it a try, and the dessert sounds amazing, hope I have the same good experience you and your family had xx

  • Ellen hibbert

    I haven’t been to pizza hut for about ten years. After reading your article I may have to try it out. My only issue is its so expensive to eat there and that puts me off with having three small fussy children x

  • Ash walbridge

    Have you tried the buffet yet? We go just before it starts as the pizzas are fresh then. Gutted they got rid of the pasta with cheese and peas :( but the garlic bread pizza makes up for it. The new drinks they do are awesome.
    Also as my kids don’t drink fizzy drinks it’s nice that they have normal squash that’s unlimited refills too x

  • Emma minazza

    I love pizza hut, since the revamp, menu has more choice and I love the free salad bar! We treat ourselves to a meal here once every few months, it’s great :) x

  • Maggie beaver

    I to hadn’t been to pizza hut in a long time and went again recently, absolutely loved it, the staff were so friendly. Next time try the strawberry Pepsi, AMAZING.

  • Jilly McPhee

    I quite like it and find it child friendly. There’s always offers online too so would usuu grab some kind of money off voucher.

  • Nicky Allen

    We like you hadn’t been for a few years due to the lack of service but we went for a friend’s birthday last November and we were impressed with how much had changed too….I stood so long at the self serve drinks machine another customer asked me if I was ok lol. We also chose the cookie dough pudding which was heaven in a dish….I have never felt so satisfied literally rolling out of the restaurant being so full.

  • Emma Cassidy

    I have always liked Pizza Hut, when we were kids we used to go on Christmas Eve for dinner!! Although I have had some crazy experiences there with my own kids( I have 4) 2 of them have been sick in Pizza Hut thankfully before our pizza

  • Joanna kasznicki

    We dont go out very often, but when we do the boys usually want pizza hut. We like the lunchtime buffet but there is always a long wait as there is never enough. As soon as it comes out it goes so quick. People stand and wait and i have even seen one person just take the whole pizza.

  • Kerryann owens

    I hadn’t been to pizza Hut in forever, I took the kids last week and was surprised how good it was but they don’t do the profiteroles anymore and they were my fave dessert.

  • Rebeka Galloway

    I haven’t been for a while will have to try it again looks so nice
    Came from Facebook for the competion and your blogs are lovely☺️

  • Laura Harrison

    I love Pizza Hut, very yummy pizzas and yummy puddings as well. There all you eat lunch is very yummy and good value for money. I am craving one now! Mmm not good for my diet! xx

  • Alison Dickens

    Love pizza hut and the deserts , I always leave feeling stuffed. The day time meal deals are good value and you xan eat as much or as little as you want and the salad bar is very good. Yum yum cant wait to go back.

  • Jane M Chadwick

    I’ve always avoided pizza hut as I wasn’t sure how good it would be with kids annalise is very fussy with food she will eat ham and pineapple pizza so the option of half and half pizza would be great for us never knew they did that til I read your post

  • lou chaud

    I would definitely give Pizza Hut a visit soon after this wonderful review. I have not gone in since 2010. That was a long time ago.

  • Kirsty

    I used to take my nephew to pizza hut but for some reason whatever cheese they were using kept giving me bad headaches which i found strange as i don’t have any allergies or intollerances. Was back there late last year and found it had changed n made things better for me. Service has usually been very good up here in Aberdeen.

  • Kate Gurney

    The three of us went recently to our local pizza hut, we were so disappointed! Service was rubbish! We ordered a share pizza (we both wanted the cheesy bites!) and the didnt seperate the type of pizza! It was all mixed on the one! Normally really good! Do prefer dominoes but its too expensive and not a sit in!

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