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STANDOUT.NET Men’s online clothing store


Living in a house with two boys, it is safe to say I am outnumbered. I am always buying for my Mr and for my toddler and somehow they both have more clothes than me! They are also way more fashionable than me and my toddler always looks so cool. I think this is because it’s way easier to look fashionable as a guy than a girl. They could whack on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a nice pair of shoes and look good. Us girls have to make much more effort to look remotely fashionable and lets face it, some days we just want to whack on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt too and not have to go to too much effort.

Since my Mr is so particular about what he wears I am sometimes scared to buy him clothes out of fear of getting it wrong. I feel over the years I have started to understand his style a lot more and with things like birthdays and Christmas coming up I am always looking for the best places to buy him clothes as gifts. I prefer to do my shopping on-line as I can’t be bothered to rummage through clothing in busy popular stores. So when I came across, a fashionable men’s on-line clothing store with popular well known brands, I breathed a sigh of relief. Especially since his birthday is coming up next month ad he is in need of some new clothes!

The store has items from well known brands such as Calvin Klein, Ray Ban, Converse, Vivienne Westwood and Levi’s. So it is hard to go wrong when buying clothes for a fashion forward boyfriend with the site featuring popular branded clothing. A lot of the prices are surprisingly reasonable considering some of the big named brands on there. There is a huge choice of clothing on there and a great variety so there is something to suit every individual style. There are regular sales on with up to 75% off so it is possible to bag some bargain designer items which of course is always a bonus.


The site has everything from clothing, to footwear and accessories, meaning you can get a full outfit/wardrobe from the store, making life easier. When ordering clothing on-line you find usually that there is a lot more choice for women than men, so it is nice to find a site dedicated to fashionable clothing for men, covering everything from jeans, t-shirts, jackets and shirts to boots, trainers, sunglasses, hats and bags.

I am terrible for leaving things last minute so the best thing about this site is that you can get next day tracked delivery if ordered before a certain time the day before and what’s even better is the delivery is completely Free! With a lot of clothing sites you find you are spending £6+ for next day delivery so this is obviously brilliant. The site also offers the opportunity to view clothing by brands so if you or the person you are buying for has a preferred brand then it makes it a lot easier when shopping.

You can check out the full range on-line by visiting STANDOUT.NET 



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