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No More Illnesses Please!

I know that Winter until Summer you do tend to get a lot of bugs going around and that’s totally normal. I don’t however, ever remember in previous years being this ill and it being such a continuous string of illnesses that just hang about for ages. Each illness seems to be getting worse over the years too and the common cold is now a lot more severe than it used to be. At the minute I just feel like I’m on my way out! Like a broken car that keeps having problem after problem. I just feel like it never ends and even if you do recover you have usually passed it on to the next person in your family!

It really doesn’t help that my toddler has started nursery. I think this is where all of our problems lie. His little immune system is having to experience so many things at once and of course it isn’t quite prepared yet. So he is constantly ill and since I am a work from home mum I am the one wiping the snot and showering him with hugs and kisses, therefore I am always catching it. You feel terrible as a parent having to ring most weeks and say, I know he has just started nursery but he has a high temp again so I have to keep him off. You can hear the not so happy tone in their voices when they say ‘that’s fine’ but really you just can’t send your child in when they are like that.

I think that the illnesses have definitely been the worst this year so far and it seems that it was unfortunate that it was round the time my son started nursery. So I do think he was off a hell of a lot probably compared to some children who started the year before. It’s that vicious cycle, if everyone kept their kids off for the full duration of their illness then it would die off but then lots of kids would be off when they probably are well enough to go in. I feel we are constantly deliberating whether to send him in and trying to get the balance right between over protective parent and one who doesn’t care about sending their kids in when they are sick.

I seem to be taking the brunt of the illnesses for some reason. Even if little guy gets ill he seems to bounce back a lot better than I do and my partner doesn’t get ill as often as me. I do everything I can to make sure I am eating well, I drink plenty of water, lots of fruit and veg and supplements and yet my immune system is still an absolute joke. There was a time in March where I has a cold/chest infection for the entire month. Practically bedridden the whole time and no antibiotics worked. I must have spent a fortune in medication and eventually we found one that worked and I felt like I could breathe again.

The latest bug going round is the one I fear the most, the sickness and diarrhoea bugs. I will openly admit that I am terrible with vomit etc. so the idea of my little one projectile vomiting literally sends shivers down my spine! We all did get a bout of some kind of tummy bug but luckily there was no vomiting! It was a weird one though as little man had it and said he had a bad tummy for about a week but he was fine in himself, just having an insane amount of diarrhoea. Same with his dad, he just came home from work saying he felt sickly and pains in his stomach but that’s all it ever was for about a week and half. It did mean spending a fortune on diarrhoea treatment!

I can’t wait until the day that the illnesses start to calm down a bit and they become less frequent. I am also an unnecessary worrier. As soon as Reid gets ill I start noticing every little mark on his skin more and I am then convinced it’s chicken pox or something bad. I am inspecting him over and over every day convincing myself he’s coming down with it. I am terrible for self diagnosing too and I know I shouldn’t google but for some reason I just love torturing myself! I definitely need to stop doing that but it’s so tempting to google!

Currently as I am writing this post I am either feeling the beginnings of a cold or my hayfever is being evil and that is just less than a week after having full on flu which was vile and the family having a tummy bug. When will it end!? I am getting married in less than 2 months so I do hope these horrible illnesses die off in time for the wedding! My poor body can’t take much more and it really does make you feel down in the dumps being ill all the time. I need to get my health back and I am hoping that the more the sun come out the better I will start to feel!

Have you been hit by any superbugs? Do you feel like you are constantly ill at the moment? Let me know below in a comment

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