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Legendary Sunday Dinners at Revolution!

I was invited to attend the launch day of the new Sunday dinner menu at Revolution in Newcastle. I was quite excited about this for a few reasons. The first being that I was looking forward to a great big Sunday dinner (minus the washing up). The second was because Revolution is quite special to myself and Sie. It is where we actually met for the first time, when he was a bar manager there many years ago. Any chance to go back there is obviously great for us and it was nice to be going in with our son, who wouldn’t be here if we hadn’t have bumped in to each other there one night. We decided to go for lunch before heading to a children’s party in the afternoon so booked in nice and early at 12.30pm and couldn’t wait to sample the menu.

When we arrived there was a live band playing Soul music, it had a really chilled out vibe which is exactly what you want when going for a Sunday lunch. I am not used to seeing Revolution like that as in the past I have usually gone on an evening and it’s been a party bar. It was a lovely sunny day too so the sun was beaming in and it was the perfect atmosphere for a meal with my family. The staff greeted us as soon as we walked in and took us to our reserved table up on the mezzanine area next to a nice little fire. Straight away we were given menus and my son was given some colouring books and pencils which was a nice touch. Someone took our drinks order straight away and I ended up ordering a Blush Mimosa and Sie ordered a Virgin Mary as he was the dedicated driver (yay for me!).
The cocktails were very nice and I could have easily ordered more but I decided against it since we were heading to a children’s party afterwards!

I absolutely loved the menus for the Sunday lunches. They looked like a newspaper and you had to have a quick 1 second skim over the writing to discover where the menu actually was located. The options on the menu were really excellent and great for me even though I am a pretty fussy eater! I ended up going for the pea soup with posh cheese on toast to start and Sie went for the breaded halloumi with hummus, dukkah, house flatbread & Pomegranet. My soup was excellent and tasted really fresh and homemade. The cheese on toast was dripping with stringy cheese which I loved and the whole starter was a really good size. Sie said his starter was amazing and I didn’t really hear much from him so he must have been enjoying it! The starters came out very quickly and little man’s pizza was brought out at the same time which we appreciated as we forgot to ask.

For the main course we ended up ordering the Roast Chicken for two with roast balsamic onion. I had no idea of what was about to arrive at our table when we ordered that! All I can say is wow! our main arrived in a small wooden crate and it was a whole roast chicken with all of the veg and potatoes surrounding it. It came with a huge carving knife in the chicken and was presented really beautifully. We were given plates each and told to just dig in, which we most certainly did. Sie carved the chicken as I am a bit of a whimp when it comes to bones and he said the chicken was cooked perfectly. It was really nice and moist and had so much flavour and we were definitely impressed. The veg was all really nicely cooked and also had a lot of flavour and we were even given our own jug of gravy each which just added to the already amazing tasting food. I like mine swimming in gravy and Sie likes just a little bit so having my own jug meant I could just keep adding to it!

I decided that somehow there was still room for dessert and ended up ordering the chocolate brownie from the new menu. I soon discovered that actually it was TWO brownies accompanied by ice cream! I do love a challenge and so I set away on this super chocolatey dessert. It was so tasty and just as a brownie should be, slightly crunchy on the outside but soft in the middle. Sie couldn’t manage dessert but managed a coffee, I however found a way to fit some in and it was completely worth the feeling that I was about to burst! Once I had finished dessert I was so, well and truly, completely done! My tummy was very full but very happy and we both agreed that we’d had an excellent meal. Even little man polished off some ice cream which he seemed to thoroughly enjoy! He did lots of colouring in too which kept him pretty quiet (yay for us)!

After the meal myself and Sie both agreed that we wanted to return to Revolution for food again, hopefully for Sunday lunch/dinner. We said it was one of the best Sunday dinners we’d had at a restaurant and we have sampled quite a few! Whilst our son didn’t have the Sunday menu, it was nice being able to enjoy our Sunday lunch whilst he is well catered for and he definitely enjoyed his food. The kids menu is brilliant and he had pizza, chips and cucumber (all chosen by him) followed by his ice cream for dessert which was all £5.95 including his drink. The Sunday lunch menu was also great value for money with 2 courses for £15 and 3 for £18. The coffee was always flowing and the menu itself was so varied and there were lots of things that could be added on at an extra cost. With the amount of food we had I really do think you get a lot for your money. I couldn’t fault the service and the food was amazing, nothing bad I can say about any of it. All of the courses came out very quickly and my little one ate a lot which was nice to see including all of his cucumber!

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