Our Story In A 5 Minute Video

We were offered the opportunity to do a video with our wedding Videographers about how we met and our life up to the point of the engagement. We thought this would be a nice thing to do and it meant we got to ‘try before buying’ our Videographers which is always a good thing. We were so happy to receive back such a lovely made video that was a romanticised version of our story (minus the arguments and other stuff you wouldn’t want to see). If you manage to follow the story you will be able to work out that I met him in a bar (me the customer, him the barman) and that we started dating. He was interested in going to Japan to teach English as a foreign language and he basically had a decision to make at that point, to go to Japan or to stay and see how things pan out with me. Obviously the video reveals what happened and also features our gorgeous little man who looked like such a dude! You also get a sneaky preview of our wedding venue at the end there! Whilst I was actually really unwell round the time of filming this and I was also my biggest weight wise, I will still treasure this video forever and I love our little love story.


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