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6 Amazing Home Items On My Wishlist

When I buy electrical items/appliances for the home now, I tend to look for the wireless/WiFi options. As a full time mum to a toddler and a full time blogger, anything that makes my life easier is very much appreciated. Being a blogger means constantly using a laptop, mobile, tablet, camera, printer and being a mum means having to watch my little one around all of these things. I struggle as it is to get the house work done and having to regularly hoover up mess for example can be a huge chore when having to set up and plug in the vacuum cleaner every time. Simple things like listening to music at the gym with my headphones can be a pain with wires hanging down. Having wireless and WiFi product options available really does make life easier by reducing the amount of effort and time it takes to use the products. There are products out there that really are amazing and most people don’t even know they exist!

I decided to put together a wishlist for the top wireless/WiFi products I would love. Products that I believe would make a huge difference to my life and that are pretty cool!

1. WiFi Fridge Freezer

The Samsung Family Hub Fridge Freezer looks so awesome! It has three cameras so you can check inside the fridge on the screen without even having to open the door. You can stream music or films directly from your Samsung TV and post pictures or messages to the family hub from your phone for others to see. You can also do online shopping, manage recipes and even make and share shopping lists with this fridge freezer! If this isn’t the best fridge freezer in the world then I don’t know what is!

2. Portable Printer

How amazingly handy would a portable printer be? One that actually runs on a battery? The HP Officejet 100 Mobile Printer is super compact and can actually print up to 500 pages on a full battery charge. You can print directly from all compatible mobile devices using bluetooth. I have lost count of the amount of times this would have actually helped me in my life!


3. WiFi Lights

 I love the look of this LED colour changing bulb! I would so love to control the colours from my phone. My toddler would love it too! The Wanway Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Smart LED Playbulb Speaker produces a rainbow light show and can be controlled with a free App. As well as the colour light show it also acts as a bluetooth speaker!! It has a high quality sound and super bass and it can work with any bluetooth device. It is so easy to set up and you just plug it in and play!

4.  Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

I admit, I love a good sing song in the shower. The VTin Relaxer Water Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker is also an FM Radio and is capable of up to 10 hours of wireless playing time. You don’t have to just keep your singing to the shower, the speaker could be taken to the beach, a pool or pretty much anywhere, thanks to the strong suction cup! Keeping it firmly attached to surfaces such as walls, glass, counter-tops, shower tiles and even baths. The built-in microphone allows for clear phone call conversations! So no having to get out mid shower to answer a call!


5. WiFi Washing Machines

You can actually control your washing machine, whilst away from home! This Samsung WF12F9E6P4W WiFi ecobubble Washing Machine can be controlled from your phone by an app. You can set the washing away, stop it, set it to dry and it will even send you an email when it has finished. If only it could fold the washing for me too! This is still seriously cool!

6.Wireless Charging Pads

I feel like I am always charging my phone, along with everything else electronic I use. I am always in competition with my partner to grab the socket nearest to the sofa! We do fight over it at times, but this would definitely help! Especially since it’s usually our phones that need charging around the same time each day. So something like this would be brilliant! Lots of the new phones are set up for wireless charging but if your phone isn’t you can get phone cases which adapt it so that it can be.

I am sure you can agree that my wishlist is pretty cool and some of the items I have chosen are definitely game changers! They would certainly make my life easier and add more fun. There are so many amazing electronics and appliances out there that even I didn’t know existed! If you want to know more about Wireless and Wifi products, you can read about them online and the top products available here. Very soon everything in our home will be controlled by an app on our mobile phones. Gone are the days of having to spend full weekends catching up on washing you couldn’t do whilst at work all week. You no longer even need to open your fridge to see what is inside of it and you can have your own karaoke booth in the shower!


So you have seen my wishlist! What would be on yours? Would you like a super smart fridge or do you think it is totally uneccessary? Let me know in a comment below!


Please note that this is a sponsored post. All of the content is original written by me and I only choose topics that I find interesting and that I hope readers will enjoy.

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