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Betta Living Bedroom Transformation

So a few months back I entered a competition for a bedroom transformation that, to be quite honest I had completely forgotten about! It was to win a bedroom transformation of up to £3500 from Betta Living and I think the competition was on Facebook. Well I only blumming went and won it (I still feel in shock now)! At first I was waiting for a catch, like you have to pay for fitting or spend over a certain amount, but nope, unless I wanted to spend more than £3500 I didn’t have to pay anything whatsoever. I wasn’t 100% sure what  ‘transformation’ included exactly but I was very excited to visit our local store at Team Valley in Gateshead to learn more.


Betta Living is a store that I hadn’t had the pleasure of buying from before. It was one of those shops I would go in and think, one day when I have my own home…. I would soon exit quickly before someone spotted me and would ask me what I was looking for. I finally became a home-owner as of November last year which is really exciting and buying a new build meant that it was completely empty and bare. We did our best to decorate bits here and there and had all the important rooms set up but the one room that bothered me most was the spare room. It became our dumping ground, the loft, the shed, the garage. We had converted our garage in to a playroom and hadn’t sorted everything out yet, with a lot of stuff to sell and get rid of so this has all just been sat in the spare room. Once I found out about the bedroom transformation, although the temptation was there to do our room, I knew this was an opportunity to transform our spare room from a room I would usually avoid going in like the plague to a beautiful walk in wardrobe/spare room.


When I visited the store to see the kind of things they could do I was like a child in a toy shop. Looking at the lit up amazing dressing table areas and the most amazing wardrobes with an even more amazing walk in wardrobe (which sadly wouldn’t fit in my spare room). I got to see all the different styles, materials/colours and chat to the very welcoming team in the store. We brought our little man with us who hadn’t had chance for his nap that day and I was a little on edge to say the least.  The staff were absolutely amazing with him, and kept feeding him biscuits and juice to keep him happy, let him play with wardrobes and even let him take home the Spiderman lunchbox set and cushion that had been on display in a kids staged bedroom. We even got a bottle of fizz as a congratulations for winning the competition and all we had to do was pose for a few quick photos. I cannot fault the staff and how lovely they were and accommodating, even though they were all rather jealous of our prize!

The next stage of our transformation was to have one of the design team come out to our house and essentially design our new room. We had a really lovely lady named Kayleigh who helped us throughout the whole process and she very clearly knew what she was doing when it came to designing our room. We threw a lot of different ideas around and ended up with something both my partner and I were really happy with. It took some time to fully decide what we wanted but once we were 100% we could see it all on a 3d image on a laptop. Keeping in with the budget we were given we opted for a big wardrobe space including a corner wardrobe and also a big dressing area. The wardrobe area was more for my Mr and the dressing area was for me, I am surprised just how easily we managed to decide without any arguments and we both made compromises. I think we were both quite surprised after managing to argue over what colour to paint the hallway in the middle of B&Q recently! Seriously though, if you haven’t bought a house and tried to decorate yet then I can tell you this is a great test of just how strong your relationship really is…


After having the designs finalised we had someone come and make sure all measurements matched up and draw a detailed plan of what it would be like with all the information on there ready for it being built. The final stage was it actually being done which surprisingly only took about a day and a half. From the moment the fitter turned up and put down the Betta Living door mat in my hallway the excitement kicked in. I was amazed at just how well he contained the mess and it didn’t impact too much on myself and my son at home. My little guy seemed to have some sort of obsession with ‘man’ as he would call him and he continuously asked him ‘Maannnnn, what you doingggg?’. He just wanted to be in with him helping fix things and found his tools that he kept bringing to show him. It was really cute but the poor guy didn’t get a break. The second I turned my back little man was upstairs again introducing himself saying ‘ I’m Reidy’ and asking over and over ‘what you doinggg?’. If there was a bang noise upstairs, my toddler would shout ‘MAN, ARE YOU OK?’.


I kept asking the guy putting together the room if he needed a cup of tea, just so I could go in and have a look at what was going on. I was far too impatient and nosey to wait until it was all finished and obviously had to get some photos of the room being transformed. I was mostly excited to see my dressing table which was being done last. It was so big and pretty and I just knew I was going to love it so much! Everything went smoothly and after a few last pieces were finished off the following day it was all done. We had the carpet put back down on the evening that day and the room was well and truly transformed. I spent a good 10 minutes just opening and closing wardrobe doors and turning on my dressing table spotlight on and off above the mirror (simple things amuse me). I straight away managed to find out just how durable it all was as my toddler came bounding in and flung the wardrobe doors open and whacked something off my dressing table, there wasn’t even a mark or a scratch (I was expecting at least something). I spent a good 10 more minutes after that explaining that this was mummy’s playroom and he has his playroom downstairs which meant that no little men were allowed in here, it did go in one ear and out the other but I now guard that room with my life!!

I still need to finish decorating the room and need to get a sofa bed in there and a nicer stool but at least now I have a beautiful room that no longer resembles a tip. Looking back on the whole experience and I cannot fault a single thing From the person who contacted me on the phone telling me I had won and who still continued to contact me to make sure everything was going OK, to the lovely staff in the store including Kayleigh designing the room and the people involved in putting it together, everyone was so brilliant. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a smooth experience with a company. Granted I wasn’t paying anything but for them to provide such amazing service and go above and beyond for someone who wasn’t actually parting with any of their money just goes to show how amazing they are. AND they didn’t have a clue that I was a Blogger when I won and when I came in to the store. I don’t use my Blogging email address to enter any competitions and I didn’t mention this anywhere when I entered but felt it only fair to  repay them by writing a full review of my experience. I think for a £3500 free bedroom transformation it’s the least I could do!

So if you like what you see and you are thinking of transforming your space whether its your bedroom, kids room, kitchen or similar, definitely consider Betta Living. They might not be the cheapest around but the quality is just undeniable and the service was amazing, it was all so quick and hassle free too! This bedroom will last us more than likely until the end of our mortgage..and longer! So really if you work out how much you spend on keep buying wardrobes etc. over the years it really isn’t expensive in comparison and you don’t get anything that even comes close to that. The wardrobe we had in there before our fitted wardrobes was only 8 months old and had to be thrown out after as it was falling to bits and leaning to one side! I am so glad to have a beautiful walk in wardrobe/spare room and can’t wait to have someone round to stay just to show it off! If you do visit a Betta Living store and are looking to buy from there make sure to tell them that you read my blog post, they love hearing that people are talking about them and I am sure they will be extra nice (if that is even possible as they are already so fab). Also if you buy from them and you then recommend a friend they will give you £250 if your friend buys through them, so get telling your friends!

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