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HotHair Colour Splash Pony Review

Anyone who knows me or has been following me on social media and my blog will know that I love hair extensions and long pretty hair. I have tried every method from semi-permanent to clip-ins and human to synthetic hair. I currently have nano bond human hair extensions fitted and I absolutely love them however do slightly miss that freedom of being able to change my hair like with clip-ins. There are a select few places I go to depending on what I am after when buying hair extensions or pieces and find some better than others for different things. I wrote a post on HotHair a while ago and their hair pieces which I love and find them the best for reasonably priced easy to use synthetic hair pieces. They also have human hair ones but I haven’t had the opportunity to try them yet, however the synthetic ones are brilliant if you want something reasonably priced and quick to put in.

Being given the opportunity to try out something from their new range was really exciting as it was something I could still wear even though I had extensions fitted in. The Colour Splash Pony is a wrap around pony tail made from synthetic hair and has that added colour splash of either blue, lavender or pink. The colour I was sent to try was the R1416T – Blue Buttered Toast and when I first took it out of the lovely packaging I realised just how soft the hair was and although synthetic, it didn’t look too shiny and fake like doll hair. It also didn’t seem to get tatty and tangled which I have found to be a problem in the past with fake hair. I love having a bit of curl in my hair so loved that this piece came with a bit of shape to it.

How it looked..

I had a little look at how to put it in with the instructions on the box and found them to be super straight forward. Due to me having much longer hair with extensions in, I actually found it easier to plait my hair and wrap it around the top of the ponytail to disguise it, which was easy enough to do. It meant I just had the fake hair pony tail showing however as long as you get the right colour for your hair it should blend in fine with your own hair in a ponytail. As the name suggests you literally just wrap the piece around your own hair and it is fastened with Velcro. You also have an extra piece of hair attached that then wraps around the Velcro to disguise it and it looks really nice. The blue colour on the end blends really well with the rest of the colour and doesn’t just look like you have dipped your hair in paint!

I really liked wearing this piece and love that I can create a super quick stylish pony, even with hair extensions fitted in. Now I really want the other colours too so i can change to go with different outfits. The price of these pieces is £49 which is a bit more expensive than some of their other wrap around ponys however, because it is Synthetic and because it is so simple to use and requires no maintenance it will last you a very long time. It is a fraction of the cost of human hair extensions which of course don’t last as long also. My preference is usually human hair extensions when having my hair down or if they are clip ins/fitted in but for pony tails and up do’s the synthetic pieces are just so perfect. No more boring hair!


Hot Hair have a big selection of hair pieces/extension and lots of other wrap around ponys which you can view here

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