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Alton Towers Mini Holiday Vlog

On Sunday, my family and I went on a little family holiday to Alton Towers and stayed in the resort for the first time. It was also the first time I had been since I was a teenager and the first time my son and my partner had been. I decided to record the trip and make it in to a Vlog that hopefully shows just how much fun we had. It features the Peter Rabbit Room that we stayed in and the brand new Rollercoaster Restaurant that we ate at which was crazy (but amazing! It was such an amazing trip and I felt like a kid again! Although I did feature a lot in this video it was only a very tiny bit of our trip as I didn’t want to spend the entire time on my phone as I had my two gorgeous boys to spend time with! So I hope you enjoy my Vlog and hopefully you can get to know our family a bit better after watching this. Also make sure to scroll down after watching the video to see some of the hilarious photos from the trip (especially the ones on the rides!). To say I was scared on some of them was a slight understatement (you should be able to tell from the photos!).

Photo from our trip! Click individual images to enlarge..


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