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VLOG: Hen Party Weekend 2/2 – Disney Style!

So, I was a bit delayed in posting this but I did have a very good reason! By the time it came round to putting all of the footage together it was very close to my wedding and I really couldn’t focus on anything else! There will be plenty of blog posts on the wedding don’t worry but let’s not forget to include everything leading up to it and the other important bits such as my hen party! I was a bit worried about creating the vlog from my hen party as I wasn’t sure about what I should and shouldn’t show. I then decided that everything was too hilarious not to show and I certainly don’t want to hide any bits! So you get to see all of the cringeworthy and funny moments…DON’T JUDGE ME! Haha.

For a long time I actually said I didn’t want a hen party, for various reasons. No one could understand this, including my mum.  They kept trying to plan things regardless and I kept getting mad that no one was listening to me but I know in their head they were trying to do something nice for me and make me feel special. Once I caught wind of what was going on I had to intervene. People might think this is wrong but I just don’t do well with big surprises like that. I would have been stressed and panicked at what had been organised so I needed to gain a bit of control so at least I could have a say in what happens if something is happening.

I made it clear that I didn’t want just a night out and I absolutely hate anything like a day at the races or a trip to york or something for the day. Yes I am awkward but they really aren’t my ideas of fun. I don’t actually drink much normally either so this was a worry in case everyone gets super drunk and i’m just totally sober and feeling a bit out of place. We thought about a spa day but I actually do quite a few spa days with my mum and decided that I didn’t really fancy that either. I wanted something quite chilled but not quite as chilled as that if that makes any sense. You might think I’m being really fussy here, but you have to remember that I didn’t want a hen party at all, like not one bit. So when I agreed to it I wanted to feel comfortable with what we were doing as it really wasn’t the kind of thing I would ever normally do.

I liked the idea of a weekend somewhere really nice that we could have to ourselves and then we could add activities in and we could tailor the whole weekend to be how we wanted. I didn’t want to travel too far as getting everyone together is difficult enough so decided that staying local was better. I couldn’t have found a place more local if I tried to be honest. It was right in the middle for everyone and about 15 mins from me and even less from my mum. We chose a beautiful big mansion house called the Gamekeepers Manor and it was so perfect for what I wanted. It had lots of space as this was something that was important to me. I haven’t really been on any girls weekends away so to be in an environment that I hadn’t before I wanted to feel like I had some space and we weren’t all on top of each other.

There were two of us sharing a room and there were 6 bedrooms and the one on the top floor had 3 beds to fit an extra person in. There was a games room, a living room and second tv room, big kitchen, dining room and huge private grounds outside with a large hot tub. It really was heaven and so totally me. Everything was decorated beautifully and I got the best room with a ridiculous sized bed and a walk in wardrobe area. Even sharing a room with someone I felt like I had so much space and we were so far away from each other in the bed that it didn’t really feel like I was sharing! I would highly recommend this house to anyone for a weekend away and it’s perfect for hen parties!

Everyone decided that it should be a Disney theme and I would be Belle as I am a big Beauty and the Beast fan. Everyone was assigned different Disney characters and we all planned to wear the costumes and have the main party day on the Saturday. we also had other activities organised on the saturday that I was aware of and we had a few more people who weren’t staying join for the party that day too. It was great as we could invite lots more people for the main party day and then they weren’t too far away to get a taxi home. It still worked out cheaper than a night out too as once you take in to account, taxis, club entry and expensive drinks you spend so much more. Whereas everyone just brought their own alcohol.

The Friday night we just had a chilled night in with Dominos pizzas and a movie. We also spent a lot of the time in the hot tub which was just heaven! We did have quite a few drinks however and I was actually surprisingly tipsy. I obviously felt so relaxed there and I think everyone found it hilarious as no one ever sees me like that! You can watch the hilarious clips of us being absolute idiots in the Vlog, I do laugh out loud every time I watch it! For anyone wondering what happened to my friends face in the video…it was a super tightening face mask!

The weekend was obviously filled with lots of rude and silly things, we had to include some cheesiness in there and there was some nakedness! I didn’t want a stripper dancing all over me, I made that abundantly clear from the beginning but we did get someone to come and be a life drawing model. We had booked someone else but we are pretty sure we got scammed as the only local person turned up like a night in shining armour after the other one coming from much further away’s car had ‘broken down’. We were actually expecting it too so more fool us!

I recognised the guy who turned up from a previous hen party I had been to years before and the exact same thing happened so I was pretty annoyed but just got on with it as what was the point in kicking up a fuss. He was nice enough but I still had cringey visions of him being a stripper at another hen party. Someone had a word with him beforehand and said we want none of that going on here! We just wanted him to serve us drinks and then pose as a life model, nothing too seedy. The funniest thing about life drawing was watching everyone’s faces as he took his kit off. We all had a giggle like we were girls at school in sex ed class. It was that not wanting to look but not being able to stop looking. But we all got in to the drawing and got really competitive!

There were lots of nice surprises that they had done that I didn’t know about which was actually nice. Including a box of cupcakes displayed as a wedding dress, a present countdown calendar to the wedding and my mum bringing a large trunk of all of my old things from when I was little and her original wedding dress. We played lots of fun games and of course had sooo much yummy food and drinks, I must have gained a stone  The whole weekend was actually lovely and I was pleased I did have a hen party in the end. Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is a good thing. Everyone went to lots of effort which was nice that they did that all for me. I was absolutely exhausted the days after and felt like I had been hit by a bus from late nights and too much food and drinks! But it was definitely worth it!

I hope you enjoy watching my Vlog! Did you have or are you having a hen party? What did you do or would you do if you were to have one? Comment below and tell me!




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