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Peter Rabbit Animated Series Books Review

The following review is of 3 books based on the Peter Rabbit Animated Series.
The first book is a hardback story book called Happy christmas. The second is  a book filled with stickers, called the Secret Treehouse sticker book and the third is another story book called The Peter Rabbit Club. All links to buy the books will be listed at the bottom of the page

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Late on Christmas Eve Peter, Benjamin and                                Join Peter’s club! it’s TOP SECRET

Lilly set off on a slip-slidey Christmas                                           Play the games, colour the

adventure – £3.99                                                                               pictures and stick the stickers to

                                                                                                               win your puzzle-skills award.- £3.99


Peter, Benjamin and Lily want to start a club.

   But can they escape from Mr Tod’s own beastly band? – £4.99

I used these books with my 1 year old son who has just recently taken an interest in books and enjoys listening to me read a story. With him being the age that he is, I found that the story books really entertained him. However the Sticker book was targeted at slightly older children, as this required an understanding of where the stickers were meant to go in the book and, of course, my son is not quite at that stage yet. He did, however, enjoy me sticking them on him which made him smile and he did manage to stick some in the book.

The Happy Christmas book being a hard back copy meant it was perfect for him to play with it independently as it is very sturdy and can be wiped clean. The pages are nice and thick making it easy for him to grab them with his fingers to turn the pages himself. The pictures fill the pages making the book really exciting to children who, like my son, cannot read yet. The writing is a good size and is kept to short sentences on each page which makes it easy to read for older children. The book is really lovely Christmas story for little ones. The detail of the illustrations and the cover make the characters look almost 3D and the colours are vibrant and exciting. I would definitely recommend this book for children of all ages.

The Secret Treehouse Sticker Book, although targeted at slightly older children, still provided entertainment for my son. He did manage to stick some of the stickers in the book but most were stuck to the carpet, the coffee table and me. He enjoyed sticking them around the lounge and found it hilarious when I stuck them on him. This book is still very exciting for him to look at and is filled with over 150 stickers with the same detailed illustrations. I must admit, I actually enjoyed the sticker book myself as it had questions and tasks using the stickers, so this would suit children of all ages… And even adults!

The Peter Rabbit Club book is a longer story with lovely, full page illustrations. My son enjoyed this story when I read it to him, however, the book itself was not suitable for him to look at himself. Being only 1 year old he would pull at the pages, throw the book and even bite it and I was always conscious that he would tear the pages or maybe even get a paper cut. So this book is a lovely bed time story for very young children but not one for them to interact with on their own, unlike the more sturdy Happy Christmas book. This book has some extra pages in with fun ideas such as how to make your own cosy hideaway like the one mentioned in the story, plus a page in the back with a certificate of membership for the Peter Rabbit club. So it would definitely get the little one’s imagination going and encourage creativity.

Overall, based on my child’s response to the three books, I found the Happy Christmas book to be perfect for his age and will be a book that he can continue to enjoy for a long time. They were all enjoyed on some level, however, I feel that the other two books will be more beneficial when he reaches 2+ years.

Happy Christmas! – BUY NOW

Secret Treehouse – BUY NOW

Peter Rabbit Club – BUY NOW

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