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The Garage Spa VIP Open Evening


I was delighted when I was offered 2 tickets to a VIP event at The Garage Spa. I had never been before and had been dying to go after seeing photos and hearing so many good reviews. The Spa is a part of The Morritt Hotel in Barnard Castle and although the Hotel has been around for many years, the spa is rather new. The VIP event was to have a look around the spa and to also sample some of the treatments available. There was also canapes and lots of fizz floating about on the evening and there was the opportunity to purchase Germaine de Cappuccini skin care products at 40% off. I decided to bring the mother with me as my +1 as I knew she would love to come and have a look and also I wanted to spend some time with her.


When we arrived and walked inside the spa we were greeted by smiling faces handing out goody bags filled with samples and information and also given the opportunity to enter a raffle. As soon as I walked in to the room I was met with a very rustic but homely decor which had a very comfortable feel, yet looked very stylish and beautiful too. The main room we walked in to was the reception/lounge area where you could have light lunch and hot drinks. They also had a salon to the right for hair, beauty and smaller treatments. They were offering free 25 minute treatments to try which was great and I got my nails painted. The staff were all very friendly and it was a very nice chilled out event.

We were handed a glass of fizz and then offered a tour of the facilities. There was so much there and it was surprising how big it was as it looked so much smaller from the outside. The spa was very different to most I had been to and didn’t have a swimming pool but had lots of other really alternative relaxation areas.

Relaxation Lounge and Forecourt

This is the room I arrived in to and was where light lunch and hot drinks were served. It had the most gorgeous country farmhouse/rustic decor with lots of light wood, brick, log fires and comfy armchairs and sofas. It was very welcoming and homely.

Salt Relaxation Room

We first came to the salt relaxation room which we were told was good for any colds or breathing related problems like asthma. This room wasn’t heated but was dark with a glowing wall and comfortable chairs and salty air circulating the room. It looked so peaceful and relaxing and you could sit with a book whilst inhaling the salt.


Indoor Hot Tubs

We then were taken in to a gorgeous quirky room filled with 3 tubs. The room had a very industrial feel to it but was softened with candles and lanterns and looked so chilled out. There was a barrel style hot tub, a plunge pool and a cool tub. These tubs were great for any aches and pains in the muscles and was a great place to just relax. I had seen photos of this room but it was even more beautiful in real life.

Car Wash

The car wash consisted of 4 different showers including a rainfall shower, normal shower, cold water bucket shower and a ‘car wash’ full body shower. You don’t usually get so much choice when it comes to showers in a spa and I loved that the showers were part of the experience at the spa.


Steam Room

We then were shown the steam room which we were told had eucalyptus in the steam and was great for your hair, skin and of course for any colds/breathing problems also. It is also great for detoxifying and of course just for general relaxation. There were two comfy chairs outside the steam room where you could just chill and also jugs of water to keep you hydrated.

Treatment Rooms

We had a look around the various treatment rooms which included the Rasul Mud chamber, a room where you received massages and salt scrubs and also a room featuring a dry flotation bed (heated water bed). There was also a room upstairs where couples could get a massage together. Massages/treatments could also be done on the dry flotation bed if requested. Each room was dark, cosy and had candles, creating a very peaceful environment.

Changing Rooms

The changing rooms were really unique and had an old outhouse style toilet (which was a hole in a bench, but with a real toilet underneath) although of course was a lot nicer than the ones back in those days. It also had a shower and wash basin with mirror. They were a lot nicer than most changing rooms you get at a spa and also rather quirky which I loved.


Secret Garden

After having a look inside we were taken outside to the Secret Garden area, which really was beautiful. It had lots of comfortable outdoor seating and a big outdoor hot tub. There was also a shepherd’s hut style sauna and various showers including a cold water bucket. The Secret garden really was beautiful and there were lots of little birds wandering around and it was just so relaxing.

The Upstairs

As well as featuring the Rolls Royce Couples Suite for couple massages there was another lounge upstairs (The Whispering lounge) where you could relax. There was also the Cabriolet outdoor private hot tub that could be hired at an extra cost, which I was told was a sun trap and looked very private and cosy.


It was apparent from walking around the spa just how much effort had gone in to making it a relaxing, peaceful and comfortable place. I loved all the little touches, from lanterns and candles to the beautiful plants in the garden. All the staff were so friendly and accommodating, always smiling and coming over to chat to you. The products they use at the spa are definitely of a high quality and we had a great time at the event. I was booked in for a proper spa experience the following Saturday for my anniversary, so couldn’t wait to come and try it out!



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