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Contour Cosmetics Contour Palette & Brushes Review


I was sent a cream contour palette and brushes from a quality makeup brand called Contour Cosmetics. I had never used a contour palette before and hadn’t actually tried contouring. I was very excited to try this palette as I had seen some absolutely stunning photos of friends and bloggers who had mastered the art of contouring and I was keen to give it a go.

397649_ade8e27d156443a7b4800c0201c535b4Contour Cosmetics is the ultimate contouring brand. Using their unique creamy formulation, the palette creates the perfect contour, leaving a flawless finish. Highlight and contour your favourite features with their famous contour kit. Loved by professional Make-up artists and contour queens across the world, the contour set has received rave reviews and created amazing results. Naturally I was very excited to be trying such a popular contour palette.

When it arrived I was immediately impressed with the size of the palette and the amount of makeup inside. There were 6 different shades, on the left was the lighter shades and on the right was the darker ones. The top 3 were for a paler complexion and the bottom set for darker skin. With my very pale vampire-like skin I stuck to the top 3 colours. The lightest colour had a slightly pink tone to it and my skin has more of a yellow-y tone so I found mixing with the lower lightest colour which was more yellow-y it was perfect for my skin tone. That’s the great thing about this cream palette, you can mix the colours to get your desired colour. It therefore is suited to all skin colours.

The Contour Palette came with a valuable little booklet which outlined exactly how to use the palette and brushes. It clearly explained with a diagram where to use each colour and when to use each brush. For a newbie like myself this was a god send! The diagram was very easy to follow and you just couldn’t go wrong!

The cream was easy to use and went on to the brushes with ease. The darker colours were for creating a more chiseled look and the lighter colours for bringing out features and highlighting. Think of a face with just foundation on like a blank canvas. Everything is one colour and nothing stands out. When you contour, you add lines/shading to the face to either minimise or bring out certain features and to add definition. Another way to remember what to use and where is to think of when you wear jeans. If you wear a pair of black jeans you tend to look more slim and when you wear white jeans you generally look bigger. This is like when using the different shades in the contour palette.

 I used the darkest shade (on the top row) to give myself more definined cheek bones and to give the appearance of a more narrow nose. I drew lines with the sculpting brush in the hollows of my cheeks and down either side of the nose. I also made my nose look smaller by adding a little of the darker shade to the end of my nose. I then used the middle colour to add shading to the edges of my face by drawing triangles on my temples and three lines near my hair line. I then lined my jaw and chin to give a more defined jawline. To give the appearance of a fuller lip I added a small line under my bottom lip.

To highlight my face and give my face more shape I then used the sculpting brush to add some of the lighter shade (mixed with the second lightest shade) from between my eyebrows up on to my forehead. I then drew a line down my nose to again, help create the appearance of a narrow nose. I used the lighter shade to draw triangles under the eyes coming down on to the cheeks to brighten up the eyes and make them look more awake. The lighter colour was then added to the brow bone on the chin to highlight. I Added a little of the colour above my top lip to also help create the fuller lip look.

Once I was happy that I had successfully sculpted my face I then moved on to blending the makeup with the blending brush. I started with the lighter colour, moving the brush in an upwards and outwards motion to blend. I was careful not to completely blend the different colours and lines together and once I was happy it was all properly blended I could then apply the rest of my makeup. I made sure I didn’t add bronzer to the highlighted areas, so not to dull them.

I was very impressed at how well the cream makeup went on top of my loose powder mineral makeup. I normally always wear this type of foundation as I find it works well on my skin however didn;t think it to be a great base for contouring with cream makeup. I thought it would go bobbly or patchy but it actually had the opposite effect and gave an airbrushed appearance. This was definitely down to the cream contour palette as it had such a good coverage and was really nice and smooth on the skin. The palette could really dramatically sculpt your face, however you had the option of doing a much lighter contour also. It made my face overally look more slim and really brought out my cheekbones. I loved the way it made my face look and that it brought out my best features whilst drawing the attention away from my imperfections. It didn’t leave my skin feeling dry and the makeup lasted a very long time, more importantly staying in place.

The palette isn’t exactly cheap at £42 however you are paying for a high end contour palette and not just a high street ‘does the job’ palette. The Sculpting brush is £14 and the Blending brush is £21 however you can bag the 3 together for £70 saving you £7 ( you are basically getting the sculpting brush half price!). I am not saying that there aren’t cheaper contour palettes out there that will work, but I 100% believe that you won’t get much better than this palette and you will really notice the quality.

The Contour Cosmetics website also features tips, demos and photos to give you inspiration and advice. The company loves interaction on social media and loves to see photos of your contouring masterpieces. They regularly run offers and deals so make sure to sign up to the Contour Clique HERE

Visit Contour Cosmetics online HERE

Visit them on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE


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