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Labelle Vous – Mr Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips & Coffee Body Scrub Review


Like most women, I am always looking for new products out there to ‘enhance’ my features.

I have been following a page on facebook for a while called Labelle Vous which features the latest beauty items from lip plumping products to skincare. I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to try some of their popular products especially as they were two products that I felt I would really benefit from.

I was sent some teeth whitening strips called Mr Blanc and a coffee body scrub from…. meant to target cellulite, stretchmarks and leave the skin feeling soft. I have been wanting to get my teeth whitened for a while now but with it being so expensive it wasn’t on my list of priorities. So I was intrigued to try the whitening strips as they are very inexpensive at only….

I was a little skeptical about the body scrub as to whether it would work for my stretch marks as I had never heard of it and I thought if it really did improve stretchmarks then surely the whole world would be shouting about it already! I was definitely excited to give it a go though and I had nothing to lose.

Mr Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips

I used the teeth whitening strips for the first time on the morning of our family modelling job for Haven in hopes that it would give me sparkly white teeth on camera. They were so easy to use, I just peeled them off the plastic and stuck a strip across the top row of teeth and a strip across the bottom row of teeth. I then continued getting ready, doing my hair and makeup with the strips still on. They were quite comfortable and i could still talk whilst wearing them, so they were easy to keep on for the full half an hour recommended on the packet.

 Body Blends Coffee Scrub Mix

I was really excited to try out the coffee scrub as I had heard that it really makes a difference to stretch marks. I have very bad stretch marks from having my son almost 2 years ago as I had a horrible condition called PUPP/PEP. It is a rash which starts in the stretch marks and gets worse very quickly until it generally consumes your entire body (apart from hands, feet and face). i had it all over and it is thought to be due to an allergic reaction to my sons testosterone whilst pregnant with him. The rash is extremely painful, itchy and mainly consists of hives and sometimes blister-like marks on the body. It can leave you very scarred, which in my case it definitely made my stretchmarks a lot worse and I do have scarrs on my legs still from the rash.

I don’t mind having stretch marks from being pregnant however due to that awful rash making them so much worse, I would like to reduce them a little.

 The instructions of use for the scrub were pretty simple and consisted of standing in a shower for a few minutes, covering your entire body in water before turning off the shower and layering on the scrub. You didn’t need too much as it spread quite far and you rub it in to the skin in a circular motion, making sure to really rub the areas you want to improve. My problem areas were my tummy, my hips, and the inside of my legs. Once I had covered my body and exfoliated with the scrub I allowed it to work it’s magic for 10 minutes before turning the shower back on and rincing it off.

It was really easy to use however was very very messy and I did find black scrub around my bath/shower for days afterwards even after cleaning. The only other thing to note is obviously when you turn the shower off to use the scrub and wait 10 minutes you are essentially stood rather cold covered in what looks like ground coffee. However this is a very small price to pay for something that helps with cellulite, stretch marks and dry skin.

The results really were fantastic. I have to admit, I didn’t expect much but was very suprised and

pleased to see a huge improvement in my stretchmarks, epecially on my tummy. It was hard to get a clear photo of the progress but it really was fantastic and my skin all over felt so amazing and soft. I loved how my skin felt afterwards and it smelled really quite nice. I used the scrub every few days and didn’t use it everyday as It was quite time consuming to use and also my skin was nice and soft for a few days after. The bag has lasted me weeks and is still going, so at only £16.99 it is definitely a bargain for something that actually improves stretchmarks.

I really would recommend both of these products, especially the scrub as it did make such a difference. I think if you are someone considering paying for expensive treatments then definitely try these first. I do really like the teeth whitening strips but the scrub for me was the winner!

To find out more or to buy and to see a full list of products available from Labelle Vous, visit their DePop shop 

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