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Retrostate model


My son was chosen to be a brand rep for a printed tee company called Retrostate. I only heard about the company when I had noticed a mutual friend on facebook had commented on their post looking for brand reps. Being the proud mummy I am of my handsome little man I was instantly interested and just had to put him forward. I was delighted when I got a very quick response telling me my son was gorgeous and that he was shortlisted to be a brand rep.

When Reid was chosen as one of their 3 cute little reps I was obviously very happy and especially pleased that he would be receiving free printed tees on a regular basis. The t-shirts/vests were all just so adorable with lots of superhero ones and some rather funny ones.

The clothing starts from Newborn up to 2 years and they can do requests, so if you have a design in mind it’s worth asking them! The clothing starts from £5.95 with the most expensive item costing £15, so they really are very reasonably priced. Retrostate also do cushion/pillow covers and sell clothing in bundles.

When I received the first two tee’s (pictured above), Reid (and his dad) was very excited as he is a big fan of super hero’s and the first t-shirt we received was a baby super hero one featuring Marvel and DC characters. Reid’s favourite is Batman so he kept pointing to the Batman character with a huge grin on his face. The t-shirts were pretty good size wise and the size 18-24 months fit my 20 month old perfectly with plenty of room left over. I loved the designs and the colours were so bold and bright, making it very exciting for my little one.

Reid loves any excuse to have his photo taken so posing with his new cutie tee’s was so much fun for him. I decided to start off doing some photos in the house and to make use of what we already had as background. This proved to be very difficult due to every inch of my house having some form of clutter from my little guys toys, clothes, shoes, a giant fluffy gorilla (don’t ask) and other random things. Your house looks lovely and pretty tidy until you have to find an area without clutter in the background for a photo! We managed and had him stood on tables, stools (with me close by). He thought the whole thing was hilarious and was laughing smiling and then doing the best model pouty face ever. Not sure where he has learned that from….

I then decided to move the photos outside as it was quite nice weather and I was struggling for inspiration inside. We went around our estate and found a nice grassy area with bushes and and long path. Little guy couldn’t contain his excitement and was running up and down like a maniac so for about the first 15 minutes the photos are all blurrs. I was about to give in when he went and stood on this small raised section in between the long grass and bushes and just posed perfectly so I quickly snapped a photo and luckily it was a good one. We then got a few more good shots and then we headed home as it was just so hot! But nevertheless, I had some great photos, and after a tiny bit of editing they were good to go.

We were then sent two more lovely tee’s to try out. One was an adorable Simba tee and the other a fun looking Turtles t-shirt. Due to going on holiday, my laptop breaking and various other things happening I didn’t get chance to do these photos for around 1 month. Which was frustrating as I just wanted to get the photos done. Plus I didn’t want him to wear them until I had taken the photos, knowing what my toddler is like (always making a mess) so he couldn’t wear themyet . I finally managed to get some lovely photos done just recently and this time I used my parent’s garden for a change of scenery. I also shot some photos of him running around and running in to the house all excited to see his grandparents. I just loved how they turned out and they have ended up being my favourite photos. I had spent less than 10 minutes doing them and they were just perfect. Even if he was very distracted at seeing his grandparents and their dog.

I am excited to see what fun designs we will be receiving soon and I am going to have to get more creative with where I do the shoots, or maybe I just need to tidy my house even more!

I would definitely buy these t-shirts as gifts as I love how unusual they are. I really like the funny/novelty ones which I think are perfect for parent’s with a good sense of humour! I know lots of movie mad parents too so some of these designs are really perfect as gifts also. Something a bit different!

Retrostate will take requests for designs so if you don’t see a particular design you are after then make sure to get in touch, I am sure they can accomodate. You could have your own unique t-shirt made! Definitely a nice touch if you are buying for someone elses baby.

You can see the full range of printed t-shirts online HERE

Follow Retrostate on Facebook HERE – They select new brand reps regularly so make sure to follow on facebook to keep an eye out for the announcements, then you too can submit your little cutie :)

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