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Miraclesuit Swimwear Review

Earlier this year I started taking my 18 month old to swimming lessons and although I do love swimming, the idea of showing off all of my lumps and bumps wasn’t exactly something I was excited about. Like a lot of new mums I feel very self conscious about my post baby body and my new curves that came with it from gaining weight. Apart from on holiday, I currently wouldn’t wear a bikini as I just don’t have enough confidence yet and I am on my way to losing more weight and toning up at the moment. So right now all I wear is swimsuits. I find tankini’s a little uncomfortable as the top never seems to stay in place and always rides up, so I am pretty much limited to swimsuits. Before I had my son I was never a swimsuit person and I dont even think I owned one! So I have only just found out about the swimsuit options available to me. I didn’t realise there were so many styles! I came accross the body sculpting ones which I thought were a brilliant idea however some just made me look even worse!

I was delighted when I was offered to try Miracle suit swimwear and I was hoping this was the answer to my swimsuit prayers. I was sent a really lovely, vibrant pink/purple swimsuit to try and it was a really nice style with a low cut front. The body was all rouched at the front and was double lined to give that extra bit of support. Getting the swimsuit on was a bit of a squeeze as it was a bit like putting spanx on, which really is a good thing as it pulls you in. The material quality was really good and therefore it supported your tummy and it was like a second skin. It really did shrink my tummy down a lot and made it feel quite firm which obviously was a great result. It also gave my boobs a bit of a lift which was an added bonus.

This swimsuit is a past season one meaning that it is not supplied anymore however there are so many fabulous new ones out with the same supporting design, so you are sure to find a style/colour to suit you.

The suits aren’t cheap at £120 so if you are someone who doesn’t swim often then this may seem a little steep. However for someone like myself who is always swimming for exercise and who goes swimming with my son, I felt I needed a good flattering swimsuit that I could feel completely comfortable in, and this was definitely it! Sometimes it really is worth paying more for quality! I was actually sent this suit months ago and it has been worn over and over again and still looks perfect and feels brand new! Even as I have lost weight and gone down a dress size, it still shapes to my slightly smaller figure and still gives me that support. So it is definitely lasting me a long time.

To find stockists for the Miracle Suit simwear and to see the full range, have a look online at Patricia Eve HERE

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