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Wicked Uncle Online Toy Store – Review

I just recently discovered Wicked Uncle when specifically looking for wooden toys for my son. I am a huge fan of wooden toys and they have a good range available on their site. I was delighted when I was offered the opportunity to test out their website and order some toys for my little man.

The site isn’t like the normal toy sites you come accross and it is meant to make shopping for children a lot easier for people. Normally you can narrow it down by the types of toys, by the gender and sometimes even between pre-school and older child but Wicked Uncle go one step further and all the toys are organised by exact ages and Gender. So you can go on to the site, select boy, age 2 and all the toys suitable for that age would pop up. I have lost count of the amount of times I have received a present from someone for my two year old which is clearly aimed at a 6+ year old and I have had to hide it away until he is older. Until you have a child a lot of the time you don’t know what to buy for certain ages. Especially the little ones as there is such a difference between a 1 year old and a 2 year old for example. This will help anyone, especilly those who don’t have children, when buying a gift and it does the work for you.

My little man is rather advanced for his age so i do let him play with 3+ toys, obviously under my supervision but I do find a mix of toys for 2 – 3 years is good for him. So I had a browse through both ages and there was so much to choose from. I actually ended up choosing 2 toys from the 3+ section and chose two wooden toys to go with his wooden kitchen. The first was a baking set with oven glove, tray and rolling pin and the second was a cafetiere which is just adorable. He is obsessed with pretending to making drinks with his kitchen and always says it’s a cup of tea, so I knew he would like this.

Ordering the toys on Wicked Uncle was one of the easiest online shopping experiences I have ever had. I felt almost that the online store was made for children to use. The photos were big and clear, with big writing and big ‘buy’ buttons on every product which quickly added the item to cart. The whole checkout process which followed on from there was just unbelieveably easy. It was all big clear buttons again and a case of following very simple instructions, clicking the one big button at the bottom of the page each time. The one thing I noticed was that they didn’t have anything on the pages that didn’t need to be on there. That was what made it so simple and clear checking out.

The next page I came to was the log in/create account page which as you can see from the photo below again was really plain, clear and simple and gave the option of clicking one of two buttons.  You then had the option to add Gift wrapping of the item at only £2.95 for the first present and £1.50 for each additional. I didn’t need it gift wrapped so just pressed the big ‘skip’ button and was taken to another page with an option for a Greeting card or message to be sent with the present and you could choose to have it ‘written by Elves’, which I thought was a lovely idea also. The next page was for delivery and at only £2.95 for some pretty heavy wooden toys, I thought that was brilliant. I went through checkout very quickly and had a conformation email within seconds.

The two Items were even lovlier in real life and were of a very high quality. The cafe machine was really colourful and definitely my son’s favourite. He learned in seconds how to play with it and make his mummy and daddy a drink! He also loved using his oven glove to put food in and out of his play kitchen oven, which was very sweet. I was very happy with both items and thought the prices were really good.

I would highly recommend this site when shopping for a child and I will certainly be using it in the future!

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