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A Big Announcement

It’s been so so difficult to keep this a secret until now, especially thanks to my already big bump! We are absolutely delighted to announce that we are due a little princess in July 2019! In the video above we announce this to our little boy who had no idea. He just thought mummy had been eating too much food!

It’s been a very very difficult journey so far physically and emotionally. Physically I have had to deal with the joys of pregnancy. From severe morning sickness starting at 5 weeks to SPD and tiredness whilst working full time. The morning (all day) sickness is only just starting to ease now at 20 weeks so that has been fun. All whilst trying to keep working and not be a terrible mum. It has been difficult to hide why I have been so unwell to my 5 year old but all he knew was mummy wasn’t well, he couldn’t catch it and I would be totally better soon. That seemed to be enough information for him for the time being.

The reason we held off so long to tell him was obviously due to what happened to his little brother back in March. We were told that the 20 week scan was a very good indication as to whether this baby would have the same condition as little Elijah had. We purposefully wanted to have that 20 week scan before we told Reid about the baby as we didn’t want to put him through the same thing again. Unfortunately we are carriers of this rare genetic condition and there will always be that 1 in 4 chance of a baby having this. We had a scan at the fetal medicine and when they told us that baby looked normal I couldn’t help but breathe a huge sigh of relief. Although there was still always the possibility of things changing on a future scan we weren’t completely in the clear. This scan however was a very good indication that things were OK and the likelihood of things changing dropped massively after this scan.

Trying to decide how to tell Reid about his new baby sister was difficult. I wanted it to be special and amazing but what to do!? I spoke with a local Window to the Womb place in Chester-Le-Street about an idea I had and they were more than happy to help. They had done my gender scan with previous baby and knew what I had gone through so they were really sympathetic to my situation and wanted to make it special. We booked in a private scan for after our hospital scan visit and they said if for some reason the hospital visit doesn’t go well and I don’t turn up or contact them they totally understand. They didn’t even take a deposit from me as they totally understood if I needed to cancel it and didn’t attend. Luckily all was well on the scan so our plan could still go ahead. We picked Reid up after our hospital visit and went to the private scan. You can see exactly what happened from there by watching the video above!

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