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It is no secret that I bloody love makeup! No I am not trying to ‘hide’ what I look like…I just love playing around with makeup. Probably because as a mum I don’t go out much or spend much on myself so for me having a bit of time to play about with makeup and make myself feel nice is like having a mini pamper. To be honest, popping to the shop on my own feels like a holiday so yeah….I am easily entertained!

I never bother posting about my makeup though and it’s only just dawned on me that it’s not something I tend to do. I suppose I’m no professional MUA (I certainly don’t claim to be), so I never think anyone would want to watch any tutorials or read blogs about my makeup. But to be honest I am getting asked quite a bit about what products I use and how I did that look etc. so I thought why the hell not post about it!


The easiest way to post about makeup is to obviously do a video of actually applying it, so I have done exactly this! My first of many makeup vlogs which is exciting. I have tried to keep it as short as possible, because lets face it…not many people want to waste time watching making vids all day (ok…well maybe I do). But you can clearly see what I use and how quickly and easily I create the look.


As I have already said, I am not a professional so there is probably nothing ‘right or clever’ about what I do but I think the end look is a success so who cares! Yes I use my fingers and use whatever cheap brushes I come accross but I like to think that I have chosen my makeup carefully over the years after making many mistakes. Some of the makeup is totally budget and some is high end and not cheap but my makeup lasts all day so each product lasts me a lot longer as I am using so much less. I used to top it up constantly in the day but not any more!

To be honest I do use lots of different makeup and mix it up. Even my foundation changes all the time depending on my mood. So I will make sure to post new videos of makeup I have done using different makeup so you can see the different brilliant options available. I don’t just believe that one brand is the best so I do like to experiment.


In the video above I did’t actually have a lot of time so I decided to skip the base bit. I started with a bee propolis moisturiser, followed by Yves Saint Laurent Touche Blur Primer 01 before putting on my Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Le Teint Foundation in colour B30. I then used Collection – Lasting perfection concealor (colour Lemon 01) under the eyes, middle of forehead, down my nose, above my lip and on my chin. I felt the base and concealer was the slightly more boring bit and the video starts from there.


Full list of products below:

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Blur Primer 01 

 Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Le Teint Foundation in colour B30

 Collection – Lasting perfection concealer (colour Lemon 01)

Yves Saint Laurent Souffle d’ Eclat

Collection contour palette

Collection soft glow blusher – 02 Bashful

Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter – Yellow Gold

Revolution Ultra Brow Palette – Medium/ Dark

Technic bronzer (from advent calendar)

Barry M Feature Length Mascara

Power Lips Liquid Lipstick (Join group to order)


This post contains affiliate links, however all products were purchased by myself and I was not under any obligation to review or post about the products and was not working with any companies. The lipstick is one that I sell and I am honest and upfront about the fact that I sell this product because I love it!

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