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If you haven’t already checked out my other blog post about Shopaholic UK yet and their fantastic bandage dresses then make sure to have a read of my other post here. You will see that I am a huge fan of them and was absolutely delighted to be given the opportunity to review for them again. Waiting for the items to arrive, I was like a little child at Christmas. I decided to choose two very different items from last time to show the range and choice of what they had to offer. It was a very difficult task trying to choose just two, I remember having about 5 people involved in the decision, including my Mr who was pretty useless (safe to say I chose the ones he didn’t pick, typical girl). I wanted two very different items that could be worn for various occasions I had coming up.

The first item I chose was the Monroe Black Lace Detail Choker Midi Dress which was very different to my last two choices and was not a bandage dress. The quality was still equally amazing and the dress still provided quite a bit of support similar to the bandage items. I loved the design and thought it was such an unusual and unique style. It definitely had the wow factor and fit me like a glove. The bust bit was slightly padded and meant that you didn’t need to wear a bra so you didn’t have any straps on show through the lace. The lace top was beautiful and really made my bust area look great! I felt the dress looked classy but also sexy and gave me a really nice shape (us mummies like to look and feel hot too!). I felt the dress didn’t need any accessories with it as the detail alone was lovely and would be nice with your hair up to fully appreciate the top bit. The fact that it was black meant it was very flattering and slimming and I didn’t feel like a whale in it which is always a good thing! This gorgeous dress was only £69.99 and for something so detailed and unique you would expect it to be designer and a lot more expensive.

The second Item I chose was Beatriz’ Teal Midi Skirt and White or Pink Crop Topwhich was a two piece in the same heavy bandage material as the dresses I reviewed last time. I absolutely love the bandage material as it is thick and heavy and is like wearing Spanx (but more comfortable). I have never worn a two piece and was worried that my mummy tummy would hang out but decided to bite the bullet and give it a try as I loved it so much. This ended up being my favourite item so far and also the most comfortable one. It was surprisingly really flattering on my tummy and gave me a great shape. This was another one that really showed off the ‘girls’ and with the top also being padded it meant no ugly bra straps on show (and no see through bits). I loved that the pencil skirt really moulded to my body but with it being the stretchy bandage material I didn’t feel restricted at all. I loved the double straps and felt kind of like a mermaid with the marine coloured tail (the skirt) and the seashell bra (the cropped top). Again I couldn’t get over the quality, it was another item that you would expect to be in the £100+ mark but for the two pieces was £69.99!

Again, I can’t fault the customer service with this store and love that they always treat you like a friend rather than a customer when contacting them through their Facebook page. You can tell Shopaholic UK want every customer to love what they buy and they aren’t just about making money. They love to see customer photos and will regularly tell each customer how amazing they look in their items. I love the packaging that the clothing comes in too and always keep the bags to store my bandage dresses in when packing them in a case or bag. This is by far my favourite online store and I honestly haven’t seen better when it comes to clothing of a similar style and quality. I love the fact that they use the same model to show all of their items on a real person, so you can really see which dress shows off/enhances which part of the body. I think the best thing about the clothing is that they seem to be so flattering, which is important to me. Unfortunately I am at that point where I choose something flattering over something fashionable. Having a mummy tummy makes me self conscious and I love that the bandage dresses pull me in like wearing Spanx and give me a nice shape. I would definitely recommend one of these dresses for anyone who wants just a little bit more support! The clothing from Shopaholic UK makes me feel like a yummy mummy and gives me an amazing confidence boost, I cannot praise this store enough!

If I thought this store couldn’t do any better then I was wrong, as they have now started bringing out their own designs which have already caught my eye! I am so excited to see their exclusive designs making appearances on their site. You can see a couple of their brand new exclusive items below and I think you will agree they are stunning!

To see the full range of gorgeous clothing online visit

You can also Check them out on Facebook ShopaholicUK


  • Gemma Littell

    I would have to agree about the quality – the dresses are amazing! however, i can’t agree with the customer service… I’ve had (and am still having) a really bad experience. I got 2 dresses, both amazing however one didn’t hit the mark. So i sent it back. I asked when the refund would be coming through and was told someone would get back to me… some time later they sent my dress back to me?! even though i was within the 14 days stated in their refund small print. I’ve emailed them a few times and am just being ignored! i just wish their customer service quality was as good as their dresses. I now wouldn’t recommend anyone order anything from the site unless you are 150% sure that the dress is perfect for you. Just in case they don’t refund you and send your dress back.

    • Fran

      Such a shame the customer service is letting them down with some customers. I genuinely have had brill customer service even before they knew I was a blogger and I was just a regular customer. Maybe things have taken off far quicker than they expected and this is the reason why. Unfortunately I don’t know the answer but I do hope you get sorted. Xx

      • Gemma Littell

        I’ve been contacted by a customer affairs TV program about the impact of customer services on small businesses- its not really my style to ‘out’ organisations that are struggling but with them not responding to my emails and then being so rude to just ‘send it back’ i don’t know where else to turn. Considering how much the dresses cost you would have thought they would invest some of it back into training their staff. Staff and customers are key to making a business work! (rant over…. i will go back to my coffee now) xx

        • Fran

          I agree that customer service is so important. So sorry you have had these problems. I will be passing on all comments so hopefully they will see how many people have been left with a problem. I hope you get it sorted! :(. Xx

  • louise

    I have also had a problem with returning items to shopaholic. I ordered a dress for a wedding but unfortunately it didn’t arrive in time so I sent it back. They sent it back to me saying I didn’t return the free gift that was sent with the dress. I am 100% certain that there was no free gift, I didn’t even take the dress out of the package as it wasn’t needed. They keep sending it back and are refusing to give me a refund. They have not been able to tell me what this free gift was and there is no evidence in the documentation that it was actually sent out. The customer service is disgusting and I will definitely not be shopping with them again.

  • Bethan

    I will never use shopaholicuk again, appalling and shocking customer service. I ordered a dress, returned it on the 21.11.2016 recieved confirmation email advising refund in process etc… To date (01.02.2017) I’m still to receive my refund of £74.99. I’ve sent numerous emails of which the reply is we are busy you will get your money etc… Now they have stopped replying to me, I wrote to them on Facebook they have now blocked me. I have taken the matter further as with holding money/refund is fraud. I advise anyone not to shop with this company.

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