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PokemonGO – Are You Sitting on a GO-ld Mine?

You may have heard recently of a new app/game called PokemonGO which already has a lot of people completely hooked. For those of you who don’t know, it basically has you out trying to catch Pokemon, using your phone. You can see on a map when there are Pokemon nearby and people will travel and drive all over to catch them. When you come in close contact with one on the map, you can use your camera to ‘see it’ and attempt to catch it. Although it might seem like a rather pointless game it is getting people moving which I guess is a good thing. It’s feeling like the 1990’s again hearing people talking about Pokemon and since I was a 90’s child it is giving me fond memories of when I was little. I also like the fact that my son may love Pokemon like I did as a child and that things I used to love are totally coming back.
I remembered that I still had my Pokemon cards in the loft and wondered what they were worth now. Well all I can say is, if you have any get them out and dust them off now! Some of them are worth a LOT of money! Some aren’t worth loads but for just one card it could be worth £20 which is pretty brilliant if you have a lot. The most valuable is the Charizard 1st Edition card and could be worth thousands of pounds!! So if you had that card and chucked them out, it is ok to cry…

Some of the other Pokemon cards/items selling rather well are:

  • Trading card game – could be worth hundreds if in Pristine condition
  • Complete base set – this depends on condition again and if you have them in the folder that will add atleast another £60 on to the price!
  • Base Set Booster Box – If you happen to have one of these with all unopened packets you are seriously in for some good money. They are selling at £7000+!!!

Just check out ebay to see what is selling and you will see some crazy prices listed on some of the cards! So if you were thinking of binning them then even if you could make £50-£300 its clear to see they are worth holding on to and either selling now or waiting until PokemonGo becomes even more popular and the cost of the cards might go up.

Let us know below if you used to collect Pokemon cards. Do you have any ‘rare’ ones?

You can download PokemonGO here –


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