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GAYA Make-up review – Mineral Foundation and Gel Eye-liner

I was offered the chance to try a new brand of mineral make-up called GAYA and I was very excited as I am a huge mineral make-up fan. I was sent two products to try, the first being their mineral foundation and the second a gel eye-liner.
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Mineral Foundation (colour MF1) –  £24.99

As mentioned previously, I am already a huge fan of mineral makeup and usually use the same foundation every time. I tried this foundation for the first time and I have to say I thought it was fantastic. My favourite thing about the foundation was the fact that the lightest colour was actually light enough for my skin. A lot of ‘light’ foundations are still too yellow or orange for my skin but this was a perfect match and therefore made it look like I had no makeup on. I also loved the fact that it was so light and didn’t feel like you had piled thick makeup on to your skin. The foundation stayed in place all day and didn’t go patchy like some do by the end of the day, which is an improvement on a lot of the foundations I have used in the past. The pot was a good size also and I felt the price was definitely reasonable considering it would last you quite a long time. I did find that you needed a good moisturiser/base underneath the make-up to prevent your skin looking a little dry, however teamed with the right moisturiser, it really did give you a flawless look. I found that I did need to layer up the make up a good few times to get the right coverage for me however I was only using a very thin amount each time so I don’t think I actually had a lot of make up on in the end. I would definitely reccommend this makeup, especially those for pale skin due to the light colour being so nice and light. I also recommend it particularly for those who have sensitive, problem skin as this make-up seems very kind to the skin.

This gel eyeliner is by far the best I have used. I don’t wear eyeliner every day and normally just wear it for occasions however after trying this product I will now be wearing it more often. The eyeliner just glides on without dragging the eyelid and you can do perfect neat lines. I have found a lot of eyeliners can go a bit faded or watery looking when putting it on the eye however this stayed perfectly black and really made my eyes stand out. I also found that it dried quite quickly without looking too dry and cracking. It also didn’t leave unwanted smudges from blinking which was definitely a huge improvement from most eyeliners. The only thing I would recommend is that you get a good brush to use with it as the brush I used wasn’t the best. I haven’t tried the gaya brushes yet so can’t comment on them but this product is well and truly worth buying. I really couldn’t find a fault with this eyeliner, the only thing that could imporve it is if it came with it’s own little brush!


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