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Thomas Tucker New Gourmet Popcorn – Review

I was asked if I would like to review some popcorn from a well known company called Tommy Tucker, who has been making and selling popcorn and snacks for years. Obviously I jumped at the chance with me having a sweet tooth and being such a popcorn fan! Tommy Tucker started off as a small family business which has now grown in to the largest independent popcorn manufacturer in the UK and “the supplier of choice to the cinema industry. They have brought out a new range of gourmet popcorn called Thomas Tucker Popcorn and when I was offered to try a sample, I definitely wasn’t expecting what was delivered to my door. I didn’t just receive a little bag of popcorn to try but instead received 5 fgood sized bags of different exciting flavours! A couple really caught my eye but I was very curious to try them all. There was a bag of Sweet ‘N’ Salt, Luxury Toffee, Fruits of the Forest, Smoked Cheddar Cheese and Coconut toffee. I definitely looked forward to the coconut toffee as I love coconut and I adore toffee, so this is the one I tried first.

The Coconut Toffee popcorn was so sweet and upon opening the bag the smell was just divine. I really liked the taste and both flavours really complimented each other. It was very hard not to eat the entire bag! The flavours also tasted very real like I was eating coconut and toffee with popcorn and not just a made up flavouring. The Coconut Toffee popcorn definitely met my expectations and was one of the favourites.

The next flavour I tried was the Luxury toffee. With me enjoying the Coconut Toffee one so much I was really looking forward to this. I have tried toffee popcorn from other brands before and already loved it, but I have to say I was definitely won over by Thomas Tucker’s Luxury Toffee popcorn! The main difference for me was the amount of flavouring and the consistency. It’s always disappointing when you are eating toffee popcorn and some pieces have lots of flavouring on and some have hardly any. This bag was full of flavour and the good amount of coating on the popcorn made it crunchy on the outside, the way it should be.

The third flavour I went for was the Smoked Cheddar cheese. I wasn’t too sure about trying this one, as apart from eating salt popcorn I have never tried any other savoury popcorn before. I was pleasantly suprised that it tasted rather nice however it reminded me of cheesy wotsits. Although I did like the flavour, in comparison to the other’s I had tried so far, it wasn’t my favourite. However this was my partner’s favourite, so he polished off the bag and he really enjoyed it. I think it all depends on whether you are more of a sweet or savoury person. i am definitely more sweet than savoury and my partner is 100% more savoury.

The next flavour I tried was Sweet ‘N’ Salt. This was another flavour I was unsure about as I just didn’t understand how it could work. Yet again I was pleased to find that by some miracle the flavours actually worked great together! It also meant that my savoury loving partner and my sweet preferred self could actually agree on a bag of popcorn we both wanted to share. The popcorn had just the right amount of each flavour and had a good strong flavour. It was a 75g bag and for a 1/3 of the bag it was 115 calories which really isn’t to bad. It is about the equivalent of a bag of crisps calorie wise and I would definitely rather eat this yummy popcorn.

The final flavour I had the pleasure of trying was the Fruits of the Forest flavour. I have to say this was actually by far my favourite. the flavour added with popcorn was so unusual but so enjoyable. It was by far the sweetest flavour and each piece of popcorn was equally covered in the delicious fruity coating. It was crunchy, yet the popcorn gave it a softer centre upon biting in to a piece. The smell was just as amazing and you really could taste and smell all the different fruity flavours.

I am very glad I was given the opportunity to try this popcorn and I would never have thought about other flavours when buying popcorn at the cinema before. I would just normally pick sweet or salted, so it is great to have other options. The popcorn doesn’t have any artificial colours or flavours also which is an added bonus and is therefore better for any popcorn mad little ones or mini adults.

You can find this new fantastic range in Cineworld, Vue, City Screen and Empire venues throughout the country! There are different sizes available and you can see the full range online! CLICK HERE

You can also follow Tommy Tucker on Twitter and Facebook!


  • Elizabeth

    I just to work in Tommy Tucker factory. First I was normal line worker and next I get promoted to supervisor. I’m not recommending this popcorn because kettles and all accessories, including walls and floor, are very dirty and sticky. Many times we was mixing popcorn witch run out of date with fresh one. Also they paying minimum wage even on contract and they not paying for one hour of brake a day. I quite this job cause it’s the worst company I’ve ever seen.

    • Fran

      Hi Elizabeth. Sorry to hear you had such an awful experience with them. I have only ever received 2 lots of things to review from them but no longer work with them (no particular reason, just no longer have time to review everything). I always enjoyed what they sent but I never knew about anything behind the scenes. Hopefully someone from the company will read your comment and look in to this. thanks xx

  • Tina seymour

    Hi Tommy Tucker I have just polished off an entire bag of coconut popcorn it was so good.cant wait to try all the other flavors no awful hard pieces lovely morish to say the least

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