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Garcinia Food Supplement Review

I am on a mission to lose some weight as I gained a lot when I was pregnant and I was rather Ill. I wasn’t even eating any more than normal whilst pregnant but it seems that the pregnancy was unkind to me! I had my son a year and half ago but I have focused my time on being a mum rather than trying to fit back in to my pre-pregnancy jeans, as that is more important to me. Plus some mums put far too much pressure on themselves to lose weight after a baby so I promised that I would not put myself under pressure once my son arrived. Let’s face it, you already have enough to worry about once a baby arrives!

So I have been a doting mother for the first year and half of my baby’s (and will continue to be) but now he has become a little more independant and he is progressing perfectly I am starting to think a little more about myself again. Plus we have our first holiday with our son this year in 3 months time so what better reason to lose some weight and get fit! And the added extra of a modelling job for a holiday company in June (which doesn’t give me a lot of time) so I am definitely feeling the pressure now!

I haven’t really had to do this whole dieting and losing weight before, atleast not to the level I am doing now. Plus the times I thought I was fat or needed to lose weight in the past was just me being silly, I was anywhere from a size 6-10 up until being pregnant and that was definitely nothing to worry about. After having my son I was a size 14 which most would agree is still a rather healthy weight especially for someone who is very tall. But for someone being so slim for so long, I don’t feel comfortable as this size. I have gone down to a 12 from cutting down slightly on what I eat but I want to tone up and loose a little more weight before I will feel more like me again.

I was sent a new product to try from a company called Natural Beauty Slimming in Newcastle. The product was a weight management, food supplement called Garcinia. I obviously jumped at the chance to try the product. I was sent 30 tablets which can be taken at 1 a day for 3 days or 2 a day for 15 days. I wanted to try them out at their full power so went for the 2 a day option. The supplements contain pure garcinia cambogia extract which has been known to help suppress appetites and aid in weightloss. Obviously if you are someone looking for a magic pill that will make you lose weight whilst you sit and do nothing and stuff your face then I am afraid you will be sorely disappointed. They are meant to aid in weightloss, so that means they are meant to give you that extra bit of help whilst dieting and exercising.

As I only got to try out the product for 15 days I am afraid i don’t have any amazing weightloss transformation photos to show you. However I can tell you in the 15 days of taking the capsules that urge to snack or eat when I was bored lessened and I found it easier to cut down on my portion sizes. I also felt like I had more energy on a morning and had more of an urge to work out. Maybe it was a placebo effect, where I wanted them to work and so I believed they did, maybe they worked or maybe it was a bit of both. But either way the fact that I had more energy on a morning must have meant something was working. I liked that they weren’t full of harmful ‘fat burning’ chemicals and they were based on a natural fruit.

I would definitely recommend Garcinia for anyone who just struggles to find the energy and will power to exercise and diet. They will definitely help get you on the right track and will give you that extra boost to help you stick to your weightloss plan.

Garcinia Prices:

30 pack £16

90 pack £26

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