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CA192TP2001 Capsule Cordless Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner From Hoover – Review

 I was given the opportunity to try out and review a new cordless, rechargeable Vacuum cleaner from Hoover. I was delighted to be asked to review the Vacuum cleaner as ours was terrible and It really made life difficult!

The CA192TP2001 Capsule cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaner from Hoover is meant for everyday cleaning and quick pick-ups. Not only is it an upright vacuum cleaner, but it also comes with an integrated handheld for upholstery, in-car and table-top cleaning. It weighs just 2.6kg so vacuuming, and the Capsule 19.2V gives 35 minutes of vacuuming on full battery charge. It also comes with a special Turbo Boost that turns on a rotating brush bar, ensuring your vacuum doesn’t get clogged with hair.

I first of all really liked the fact that the vacuum cleaner was cordless. This made life so much easier being able to fly through every room in the house without having to un-plug and plug-in the hoover when moving to a different room. It made things like hoovering the stairs very easy and cleaning out my car. I also really liked how easy it was to change from an upright vacuum cleaner to a hand held one. Plus with the longer nozzle added on to the end of the hand held I could really get in to every corner, round all edges in my house and I could reach high up places to get rid of dust. It was just as easy to empty the vacuum cleaner with one squeeze of a trigger on the hand held. The CA192TP2001 Capsule cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaner from Hoover was so light and easy to manouver around. I have bad back problems and a lot of vacuum cleaners hurt my back to use but this was so nice and light that I wasn’t in agony after cleaning the entire house. I really like how the vacuum cleaner looks, it is so slimline and with the compact base it stands all neatly packed in a corner in my house. One of the problems of having a rechargeable hoover like this is that once the battery has ran out it takes at least 16 hours to re-charge fully again (24 hours to charge before first use). This does mean that because I use my vacuum almost every day that I had to leave it plugged in at all times. If you are someone that doesn’t have much space in their house then having a vacuum plugged in somewhere constantly may be a bit difficult. The other thing is that if I have hoovered for the maximum of 35 minutes (full battery charge) and then I want to use the vacuum again soon after, then I can’t. With having a toddler who is always dropping crumbs and making a mess, I sometimes find myself having to hoover more than once in a day. I normally do most of my hoovering when my son is asleep as that is when I can concentrate on cleaning the house. The hoover is no louder than a hair dryer when being used which was brilliant as it didn’t wake my son up whilst sleeping. Although it doesn’t sound very powerful, the vacuum really does clean my carpets very well. I have two very fluffy dogs and they are constantly dropping/losing hair, so the brush bar underneath the hoover really helps to picks up all of the hair. I really did like the vacuum and felt that it was perfect for me personally and with me being a mum. It made my life so much easier and It was just so simple to use. I would definitely recommend this vacuum cleaner to anyone that struggles to push around a heavey vacuum cleaner and definitely recommend it for a busy mum like myself.

Watch my vlog to See it in action!
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