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25 Years Young! But Feeling Old!

Last week was my Birthday. It was a crazy busy week, especially as it was my Birthday, My dad’s 50th and also a big event that my mum’s company was organising. I barely had time to fit my little Birthday in, but that didn’t mean my Mr hadn’t put the effort in. Starting the day before on the Sunday baking with my two boys and making my Birthday cake and cookies. On my actual Birthday had also organised a lovely day for me starting with breakfast and fizz in bed, afternoon tea at Patisserie Valerie in Durham and then a meal at one of my favourite restaurants, Fat Buddah on the evening. I don’t know how I managed the amount of food I ate that day but I certainly didn’t let him down and enjoyed every bit of it. This could be why I have gained a stone…

I was spoilt rotten with presents which I was very surprised by since I have a little man now for people to spoil and it was my 25th Birthday so I wasn’t expecting people to go so mad. It was so nice to feel so loved and for people to want to spend their money on me! My parents turned up with a ridiculous amount of presents after saying they won’t be going mad this year, well…they did. My Mr also bought me some great presents and the week before my birthday paid for me to have human hair extensions put in, which I am still absolutely loving! He still got me some prezzies to open on my actual birthday too and even popped to the shop to get me some more alcohol related presents.

I decided (in the least braggy way possible) to show you what I got for my Birthday. Not because I want to show off but because some are quite random and are just totally me! I had such a mix of presents and it will give you an idea in to the things I like and what my mad family is like! I got some brill gifts and also some big kid presents too with some toys thrown in there! I also want to show appreciation for everyone who bought me a gift. I am very lucky to have a big loving family and great friends, I don’t expect all these expensive gifts so this isn’t a ‘look at how much I got’ blog post, it’s an ‘I feel so lucky, can’t believe how kind and generous everyone is’ post.

So here’s what I got:

I will start with the Alcohol!

Chocolate Baileys, Prosecco (which was drank before the photo could even be taken), Sangria, Pinot Grigio with a cute little piggy bottle holder and a Pina Colada fishbowl party pack! As you can see I’m a fan of the rather ‘girlie’ drinks and although I am not a big drinker, I will be enjoying these for a little while!




Money/Vouchers/Gift Cards

I was pretty overwhelmed by the amount of money people had given me for my birthday and was over the moon with vouchers I got to do things. I got movie vouchers for 2 different cinemas and a voucher for one of my fav new restaurants which just so happens to be where one of the cinemas is. So basically a free date night! I also got a printed voucher from my Mr for some Kiko make-up items that hadn’t arrived yet and a slightly cheeky but definitely  much appreciated one offering to clean my car!


Hair Extensions!

The week before my Birthday my Mr paid for me to get human hair extensions put in (nano rings) as I had wanted some for ages. Due to bleaching my hair for years when I was about 18 – 20 years old it just not longer gets any longer and is so thin and rubbish on the ends. I wanted long thick beautiful hair so the only way I was having that was by getting extensions. I did my research as I have seen the horror stories and although I’d had them before I didn’t want to go wrong this time. I was so so happy with them and love my new long locks!



I got quite a few items that were mainly comfy, chilling in the garden style but did get a lovely top from my brother (which was actually quite a shock..although I think his girlfriend helped). It was a lovely smart top to go with jeans and I have actually worn it already! I got a long maxi dress, some shorter dresses, flip flops, underwear (and now you know what I wear…) and some black skinny jeans. My mum had also bought me some clothes the weekend before a for a bit of an early Birthday girlie shopping day too!


Garden Party Stuff!

With us buying our first home recently and it being a new build, we have had to do it up and put our own stamp on it. The last thing on our list of priorities was the garden, even though it was something I really wanted sorted we had to do the inside first. With the odd bit of nice weather we have had I’ve really wanted to be able to sit out in my garden. Get some nice furniture, have a deck, have a play area for my little one and have people round for garden parties. So my lovely mum and dad bought me some bits for when I have a garden party and bought me a gorgeous rattan furniture set (photo taken from Groupon as it’s not set up yet). They also offered to put up my deck when they get back from their holiday early July. Some of the presents I got included a Gojoy inflatable air lounger, plastic bowls, plates, cups, cutlery, jug, serving plate and a picnic mat. I can’t wait until I have a sunny weekend to try it all out!



I got quite a bit of beauty stuff including the Kiko makeup that hadn’t arrived yet. I also got a style station for my hair dryer and straighteners, wunderbrow gel, nail kit, makeup sponges, lemon cheesecake soap and a lovely hand made hamper including items from Avon.



I got some gorgeous jewellery and even my dad bought me some (the boys seem to be doing well with the presents!). I also got a gorgeous necklace and matching earrings from my Aunty with angel wings on it and a sparkly hair clip.



Yes I am 25 and yes I did actually get some TOYS for my birthday…anyone who knows me will know that I actually asked for the realistic lifelike Elmo toy a few Christmases ago and that I am a just a little bit of a big kid. my brother bought me a Frozen noise stick thing. I do love Frozen but this was (within seconds) pinched by my little man and I have never had it since! He also bought me some plastic Frozen rings too which the little guy and I both wear (just in the house). The other toy I got from my brother was a squishy, sticky, stretchy slug. I have just always loved those gooey, sticky toys, I just love to squish them. I used to get the alien eggs with the goo and loved them too or anything like that I still love. I have hidden it away from my little guy however to avoid it becoming all furry! As well as my toys I got a magazine, some sweets and a hot drinks travel cup.



My biggest prezzy

Another present which shows just how much of a big kid I am was my 12ft Paddling pool, bought by my Mr. I have no idea when we will put it up and whether we will be putting it up, using chemicals, filter, cover etc. to keep it up over Summer or whether its just going to be used for the weekend, but  the idea of having an adult sizes paddling pool is so cool! Hopefully this now means not only will I be able to have a garden party but a super cool pool party!












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