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BabyDan Configure Gate


The layout of our house means that we have have an open stairway in our living room. This looks great and is typical in a lot of modern houses however is not exactly practical with a baby/toddler. My son like a lot of children went through a phase of constantly climbing up the stairs. He thought it was funny every time we came and got him and said no. There was a time when I don’t think I could sit down longer than 2 minutes before I had to get up again and get him off the second step. Although this was tiring, it never really became a problem as we never left him alone in the living room and we were always in close proximity of him if he decided to start venturing up the stairs. A part of me thought it was good not being able to have a stair gate on as I thought it was better to teach my son a safe way to go up and down the stairs and also teach him that he wasn’t allowed up unless I was with him and I was helping him. This was great as he has learned the safe way of using the stairs so I know he most likely will be fine if we are somewhere with stairs, for example at a family member’s house. Although people are always watching him, the second you turn your back they can be off, so this did give me a little extra peace of mind. I was glad I had taught him this however I still would never want to leave him unattended in the living room with the open stairway and would never be able to pop out of the room for a minute which did make things very difficult for me. Thats when I was delighted to find a baby gate which would actually work with my stairs.

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