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Breathtaking Views At Lake Como – Featuring Bellagio

Last September I went on a trip to Milan with my partner. You may have seen the super long vlog and post of what we got up to whilst we were there. One thing that became clear was just how busy we were and how amazing but exhausting it was being in a big city like Milan. We decided as much as we loved it we needed a day to explore out of the centre and after chatting to a few people there it was clear we needed to head to Lake Como. I am ashamed to admit that I actually had no idea what Lake Como actually was like, I just pictured some lakes and thought it would be a pretty place to visit. We decided to trust everyone else’s suggestion and just head there.

After looking back at photos and videos from our trip there I decided to make a video just of our time at Lake Como. It was probably one of our favourite places ever and I have such amazing memories of there. I felt it deserved it’s own post and would be great to read for those who are looking for somewhere amazing to visit. It is definitely a life goal to go back there one day and I feel I only scratched the surface of what was there, especially since we only went on a day trip. I hope to go there to stay for a much longer period of time!

You can actually see the different locations I visited in the video as you watch it thanks to Travelcast.TV which is so brilliant! So if you see something in the video that looks fun or a place I visited that you would love to go to you can see exactly where it is on the map and other info. Just keep an eye out for the pop up blue bit with writing throughout the video.

I got a train from Milan to Varenna in Lake Como which was pretty easy to be honest. It was quite daunting travelling on a train in a country we had never been to before. We didn’t find it a problem and actually found the train station to be really nice, much better than the ones we have here in the UK. The journey only took about an hour an we had some nice views on the way there. The train station we arrived in was a lot smaller but as soon as you arrived you felt like you were in a whole different country to the city of Milan.

We then walked to get a Ferry to another part of Lake Como and we decided on Bellagio as we had heard it is the best place to visit. The views from the moment we arrived near the Ferry until the moment we returned back at the end of  the day were just breathtaking. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as it was so beautiful and I just didn’t want to leave there at all. I am sure you can see in my video just how amazingly stunning the views of the Lake and the surrounding area was.

Bellagio was really pretty and was definitely worth the trip but it was so expensive!! We didn’t actually buy anything in the shops as everything was designer or expensive compared to what you would normally pay. The restaurants weren’t cheap either but the food was beautiful and sitting eating food outside with that view made it 100% worth it. We did have to be quite pushy to get a table with the best view as there were people waiting for a table near us ready to grab it. We managed to beat them to it but we did get a few ‘not impressed’ looks from them throughout lunch!

We then just wandered around shops, climbed up what felt like a million steps and started to get very bruised feet! We also stumbled upon a beautiful park/garden area which was beautiful to sit in with the sun shining! There was an amazing view of the lake through the trees also and it would have been the perfect place for a picnic and for getting a bit of sun on your legs whilst you lay on the grass. We also saw lots of little lizards climbing on the rocky wall and in the plants which was cute.

As time drew nearer to when we needed to get the ferry back to Varenna and then hop on the train we started heading back. We decided to hang about near where the ferry would be and just watch the view again. We grabbed a couple of bottles of beer and just chilled nearby. I was actually really sad to be heading back but I really enjoy going on the ferry so looked forward to going on again. One thing to note about the ferry though is everyone will rush on a nick all the best spots to stand or sit. On the way there we ended up stuck inside sat looking out the window. We were a bit gutted that we didn’t get to sit on the outdoor bit. On the way back we got to stand on the back of the ferry where the vehicles go on and that was actually better.

I hope if you were thinking of visiting Lake Como this has hopefully swayed you to visit there as it really was my favourite place ever and I only explored a small bit of it. Or even if you were thinking of whether to go to Italy, I hope this has helped you make your decision. If you like a breathtaking view and places to walk with good food then I can definitely recommend a visit. There are some hotel there and I noticed one where the pool/spa faced out on to the lake which Must be amazing and like being at a spa in heaven.

Have you ever been to Lake Como? Or Italy? Where did you visit exactly? What was your favourite thing when visiting there?



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