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Michael Kors sunglasses – Concept Eye Clinic

I won a competition last month which was very exciting as I am normally the one giving away prizes in my own competitions that I run. It was nice for me to be a winner for a change and what a brilliant prize to win!

The competition was on Twitter and run by Concept Eye Clinic to win a pair of Michael Kors designer sunnies! I am a huge Michael Kors fan so I was so excited to find out I had won a pair of sunglasses, especially as I was just about to go on holiday. It was brilliant timing!

I was contacted by Concept Eye Clinic asking to arrange a day for me to come in to the store to meet with them and have photographs taken of me with my fab prize. Things were extremely hectic around this time as I had only one afternoon free before my holiday and it was literally the day before we were going away. But I was determined to have my new sunnies for my holiday so I arranged to pop in that day.

I am not completely familiar with Gosforth and have only been there a few times in the past so I did get a bit lost trying to work out where to park and where the store was in comparison to where I had parked, which did mean I was running very late to pick up my prize. I also had my toddler with me who was extremely tired by this point and irritable after being stuck in traffic in the car with me for quite some time. I made a mad dash along Gosforth High street to the store with my toddler in arms and in a pair of fairly high wedges but, I made it there in the end. Better late than never, right!

I was so pleasantly suprised when I arrived at Concept Eye Clinic at the lovely, modern and fashionable decor. Located in the heart of Gosforth, the first Concept Eye Clinic combines vintage glamour with state-of-the art optical technology. This was no run of the mill eye test/glasses shop, it felt like more of an experience shopping for glasses and staff were really dedicated to helping you find something in store right for you. At one point I heard a staff member tell a customer to ‘take a selfie’ wearing the two different pairs of glasses to help an indecisive customer choose which one she liked better. There was no rushing customers out of the shop and every effort was made to help each customer who came in.

I was met by the director, Shela Naqvi who was very welcoming and handed me my prize in a lovely gift bag filled with extra little gifts and leaflets. I was rather flustered from rushing to get in the shop and with my toddler not being in the best mood but I was eager to find out more about the clinic and finally have a try on of my new sunnies. I was again really pleasantly suprised when I was told all about the store and what it does for families and those less advantaged.

Concept Eye Clinic run a Kids Campaign which offers FREE Sunglasses for Kids and FREE Eye tests for the whole family! Your child will invariably not tell you if they are struggling with
their sight as they will think this is ‘normal’ vision. Unsurprisingly a lot of people do not tend to get their sight checked until problems develop in later life, by which time their vision may sadly have deteriorated.

Concept Eye Clinic’s campaign about the importance of regular sight checks has captured the imagination of parents across the region. Since they began 7 years ago, in partnership with local schools and governing bodies, Concept have treated numerous previously undetected problems through early diagnosis, working with children from all backgrounds. The critical period for correcting visual problems in children is up to the age of seven. The aim is to improve children’s knowledge of eye health and to encourage parents to take their children for regular eye checks. Due to it’s success, Family Eye Campaign now extends from Tyne & Wear to Sunderland and Tynemouth. They have introduced aspecialist paediatric team and child friendly environment, where parents can relax with a cup of coffee whilst they take care of the rest.

To celebrate the 7 year anniversary of Concept, the sight test for your family is FREE with the latest digital technology, an exciting new collection of free sunglasses for the young ones and their signature after care. They conduct a Stereopsis test – for 3D vision (to exclude squints) and Colour Vision testing – relatively common in boys (1 in 12). As well as this fantastic campain for families Concept Eye Clinic work with various Charities and voluntary community groups as an eye care provider which include: The Millin Centre, The Chinese Healthy Living Project, Places for People, Freedom from Torture, The Salvation Army, Tyneside Cyrenians and The Richmond Fellowship. You can read more about it HERE.

I was so impressed upon hearing about all the good they do for those less fortunate and for families. You really felt welcomed when in the store and I really appreciated them going to every effort to keep my already irritable toddler entertained, bringing him a drink and giving him books to read. They also brought out some children’s sunglasses and tried them on him which he thought was brilliant and once finding a pair that fit we were given them for free. I was delighted to have a good pair of sunglasses for him that would actually protect his eyes on holiday. The sunglasses had a little teddy on the side which made them very popular with my toddler. My Michael Kors aviator sunnies were just stunning and the case they came in was lovely also. The glasses were unisex and could be worn by anyone, which did mean my partner sneaking them out my handbag to wear when he could! I loved wearing them, the only issue was I didn’t want to wear the mall the time out of fear that I would damage/scratch them! So I saved them as my sunnies for early evening when dressed up and going out.

I would recommend that anyone near to a Concept Eye clinic pay them a visit, you will never want to go anywhere else again for eye tests and glasses. It was a lovely experience, and the staff even asked me to pop in for a cuppa and a chat if I am ever in the area!

You can visit Concept Eye Clinic online HERE

You can visit their Twitter HERE and Facebook HERE

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  • karen t

    They look really great! You can tell the difference between a quality pair of sunglasses compared to a high street pair!

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