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Little Fingers Organic Baby Food – Review

I came across a new company on Twitter called Little Fingers Organic Baby food and was immediately interested in finding out what they were all about. I soon learned that they provide delicious and nutritious organic baby finger food freshly handmade, delivered to your home. So basically a healthy takeaway for babies! The company was created by parent’s Joanne and Markus with Joanne being a food developer and Markus being a qualified Chef. They set up the company soon after having their first son Bobby after discussing with other new parent’s about the fact that there was a lack of options available on the market for people to buy fresh organic finger food.

Now let’s face it, since the new baby-led weaning came about, new parent’s, like myself (when my son was a baby), felt pretty overwhelmed. Giving teeny, tiny babies with little to no teeth solid food, watching them gag, worrying whether you should have made them something else is pretty common when starting BLW. I felt I lacked imagination also, It was just some fruit or some veg. I was too terrified to try anything else. I did cave in and give pureed food which I have to admit did work for us. I carried on giving my son the odd bit of solid food but did rely on the pureed food more. I just didn’t feel confident at all making solid food suitable for my little one and felt lost with what to make.

When I found Little Fingers and discovered what they provided I was both excited and annoyed! Firstly I was excited because, what a brill Idea, that could really help new parents and secondly I was annoyed that I didn’t know about it earlier when my son was a baby! We all like to think we are perfect mummies who make all of their child’s food from scratch, when in reality you have sometimes found yourself stocking up on the food jars at Morrison’s! We are all human and some days there just aren’t enough hours and as a new mum you only have so much energy! So to have a service like this offered, I think it’s brilliant.

Not only is the food handy to have in but it is healthy and organic. From the moment I received the food in the bags, they already looked very tasty. Much nicer than the baby/toddler meals you find in your local store. The food does come frozen but do not get this confused with the frozen food/snacks you see in the supermarket. All the food is handmade and prepared in their kitchen, and then quickly frozen down to maintain the best quality, locking in the goodness, resulting in a better flavour and more nutritious meal for your little one.

 The finger foods, besides being perfect for baby-led weaning were brilliant as a quick healthy snack for my almost toddler, or for days when he wasn’t very hungry as a fun picky tea. The amount of times I have been concentrating on a blog post and then panicked at the fact that it was tea time and I hadn’t even started making tea. These really help to have in to either keep your little one going whilst preparing a meal a bit late or to give as a fun party style tea. They are also perfect for birthday parties for little ones and even great as a healthy snack for mum’s like me who always add that extra chicken nugget on the tray so that you can try it to make sure they have ‘cooled down enough’ (that’s right, other mummies do it too!).

Currently Little Fingers Organic can be delivered to anyone from London to North Yorkshire, however it would appear they would travel further at a cost so it is worth asking for delivery costs to your area. Fingers crossed they will be able to cover more areas soon! They have a minimum order of £13 and if you are lucky enough to live in the Huddersfield area your delivery is free! If you live outside this area you will need to contact them for a guide on delivery costs. They make all the deliveries on a Friday and Saturday so any orders need to be placed by 12 noon on the Tuesday before. However if you desperately need the delivery on a different day they will always try and acommodate so it is worth getting in contact.

Each bag of finger food that I received contained 10 pieces and all 4 at less than £4 a bag with deals on bundles I thought that was a bargain. They have some really nice products on their site which sound really tasty such as Cottage Pie bites, Salmon goujons, Chicken Curry fingers, Banana muffins and more, all safe and good for your baby. I would definitely recommend them to anyone choosing baby-led weaning and as a back up in the freezer for days when, lets just say, you have enough on your plate!

To view the full range of products available and to find out about delivery prices you can visit their site HERE

You can also follow Little Fingers Organic on Twitter HERE

Check out my little one enjoying his food from Little Fingers!

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