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Most people will have seen the tv adverts by now featuring real customers telling a story about needing something new from a cooker to a vacuum cleaner. The most recent was a family whose cooker had broken at Christmas, so they ordered a new one from that arrived next day. You always watch these adverts and think, they must be done by actors or something, but nope, I now know that they genuinely do use their customers. Which I think is fantastic. I know this because as a customer of I received a generic email asking if I would like to put my family forward for their new tv advert and was pleasantly suprised to hear back!

I was speaking to a really nice woman named Chloe from ao who said I have a lovely family after looking through the photos I sent. The tv producer and Chloe asked to meet us just to make sure we were comfortable in front of a camera. Obviously with me doing modelling and acting (which they weren’t aware of) I was more than comfortable being on camera. My partner actually was a natural at being on tv and so was my little one who posed and said cheese for the camera. They loved us after our meeting and it was very flattering to be picked for the advert.

They wanted quite a quick turnaround and this was slightly problematic for us as we were in the final stages of buying our first house and they film in your home. We weren’t sure if we were going to be in the new house or the old house for filming and I was rushing my solicitors for a date. Luckily we managed to get moved in just in time (2 days before) and we worked so hard to make the new house look good in those two days. It was definitely exhausting that’s for sure but we were looking forward to filming.

The team all turned up at 8.30am and it just went full steam ahead from there. There were cameras all over the place, my dining room was turned in to a makeup and hair area with the makeup artist and we had some lovely people running back and fourth with lots of snacks, food and drinks which pretty much filled my kitchen. We are really lucky that we have KFC, Subway, Starbucks, Greggs and Mcdonalds all within walking distance of our house, it didn’t do well for my diet though! Reid was at my aunties whilst we filmed some bits in the morning and then I went to get him just before lunch.

The story featured in the advert is about how myself and my family have just moved home and everything is great, I am very happy and so is my partner, although the one thing he isn’t happy with is his tv. He then orders a new tv from and his life is then complete! Anyone who knows my movie reviewer boyfriend will know that he is super in to his movies and has been whinging about getting a good tv for ages. He wanted a 3d bigger tv to replace our 42″ standard one that had a problem with the speakers. Myself and my boyfriend spend a lot of time watching movies, not just because of his movie review site but also because we would much rather do that than go out for drinks! Especially since having a little one and even more so now he is a toddler!

The filming went really well and although it was a long day it was fun and everyone was so lovely. The little guy was brilliant all day and even had a two hour nap in the afternoon whilst we filmed some scenes without him. How he slept through all the noise I honestly don’t know. He was a little bit tired by the end but we soon made a game up with a ball and he was laughing and having fun. Overall he had a great day and so did we, it was a very long day from 8.30am until around 7pm but wasn’t exactly hard work. It was nice not to have to think about anything for the day with our breakfast, lunch and tea brought to us and I didn’t even have to do my makeup and hair! The makeup artist was so lovely too and she told me all about her business called Makeup Buddah which had a fantastic range of make-up brushes that she used on me. It was definitely a strange but fun day having so many people in our house and cameras but it was 100% worth it.


Obviously the boyfriend was over the moon with the amazing new tv (and secretly me too). The tv used in the advert was the new LG 55″ Smart 3D Curved OLED Tv and we couldn’t get over the quality and colours. My son was extremely happy when he got to watch Mickey Mouse on it and Mickey was the same size as him! The excitement in the advert from everyone was definitely real and I love the expression on my boyfriend’s face at the end when I ask if he is happy now! Like a child at Christmas!

As an customer it is clear to see that customer service is a priority with the company. From buying online, to the delivery guys and everyone involved with the making of the tv advert, I have never experinced such a high level of customer care and they treat you more like a friend than a customer. I was definitely blow away by how much we hit it off with every person there whilst filming. It was actually quite sad when the day came to an end and everyone left but we were exhausted.

 So if you ever need a new Vacuum Cleaner, an appliance, new tv or similar I couldn’t recommend more! They even have finance options available which I have just recently learned and was very excited about as we still need a few things for the house. I am now a huge fan, I love what they do for customers and if you are already a customer make sure to keep an eye out for any emails looking for the next family of their tv advert, It could be you!


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