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Filming for Dream Finder


Dream Finder is a fantasy/action feature film in pre-production based on the Novel written by Roger Taylor. It is part of a much bigger story as Dream Finder is in essence a sequel to the 5 book series, The Chronicles of Hawklan. The story of Dream Finder is how a man at rock bottom changed his fortunes by battling not only a malevolant blindman but his own demons too. Read the full synopsis on the Dream Finder website here.

My character is called Lady Yanys and to put it simply, I am the wife of a Prince named Arwain who is played by the very talented Craig Edwards. Prince Arwain and Lady Yanys are very much in love and have a 2 year old son together. Prince Arwain is Duke Ibris’ illegitimate son and therefore was allowed to marry for love but the constant machinations of the Lady Nefron (his step-mother) trying to kill, maim or otherwise cause him harm have brought not only Arwain but Lady Yanys and their son in harms way multiple times. So much so that Duke Ibris seconded some of his own Mantynai bodyguards to protect his own son.

Due to the  fact that this is a fantasy project it relies on a lot of special effects and editing as well as the actors. I had to travel to Bolton, Manchester to film in a studio there as it is all done on a Green Screen. I was really excited to work with a green screen as it was my first time (and it was nice and warm on set which was a bonus). I arrived to some actors finishing off a scene they had been doing that morning as our call time was 11.30am so we got to  start a bit later. Although with me being based in Durham I still had to leave at 6.30am so no lie in for me!

To begin with I was just sitting around watching what was going on and studying the studio and green screen. I eventually got my make-up and hair done which I actually really liked in a Victorian style, simple yet pretty. Once done I was given my costume which was actually rather beautiful and something I loved wearing. I had always wanted to wear a Victorian style dress and with me being a princess the dress was especially beautiful with a floral pattern and was a gold colour. It was actually really comfortable which surprised me, as an actor/actress this is something you really appreciate because a lot of the time costumes aren’t made for comfort and you can end up wearing them for a long time!

On this occasion I had a very very short line and a very quick scene as we were just filming the teaser trailer and my character will be developed more when full filming commences. It did mean that my bit was over very quickly but it was fun for the little bit of time I spent doing it. I don’t want to give anything away but my scene was meant to be a kind of memory/hallucination of me. I had no idea how it would look on the green screen after editing. It’s exciting to see what it looks like after the effects have been added. I even have a little sneak preview of my scene with the effects  (no one has even seen this yet so you are the first). Although this is just a very tiny bit and has been done so that it doesn’t give anything away.

It is amazing what can be done when filming on a green screen and this is only a very teeny tiny example. I can’t wait to see what the rest looks like and the other scenes that were filmed that day. I will make sure that once the trailer has been released to share it with you all. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far filming for Dream Finder. The best part is the people involved, from the actors to the directors, everyone is so lovely and really look after you. I have had the pleasure of working with most of these people before and they have now become not only people I look forward to working with but great friends also.


Here are some more photos from behind the scenes:

There are lots of talented people involved in the making of Dream Finder. Here is just a small selection of those involved who I had the pleasure of working with recently (featured in the photos):

Director/Producer: David Christopher Turner

Assistant Director: Alex De Luca

Production Manager: Claire Cooper-King

Cinematography: Jack Eaton

Sound Department: Kaan Kurt

MUA/Hair: Hayley Young


Ash Preston as Antyr

Craig Edwards as Prince Arwain

Colin MacDougall as Ryllans

David Macey as the Maniacal and evil blindman

Richard Carter as Gyth’d

Mark Hindman Smith as Ivaroth Ungwyl

Location: Bolton University

You can see the full list of cast and crew on IMDB


Check out the Dream Finder Website

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