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LOVE NICHE Fashion and Style Event

A lot of you may not know that I am based in Durham and I love supporting local businesses. With Newcastle being just a stone throw away and with me living there for 3 years up until recently, I do still consider Newcastle as my home. I really love being a blogger in the North East as there is so much going on here and the blogging events I get invited to are really exciting.

I was recently invited to a fabulous event at a really nice new bar called Bonbar in Newcastle for the LOVE NICHE fashion and style event. The event showcased the latest A/W collection from LOVE NICHE whilst guests enjoyed yummy canapes and cocktails supplied by the bar.

As my mum – Nickie Gott from She’s Gott It! Events was a sponsor we were sat in the VIP area on the stage and given goodie bags each. The bags had some great items in with lots of discounts and some beauty products/samples and a lovely bracelet.

 Before the fashion show began we went and had a little browse in the pop up shop, featuring stunning jewellery pieces and clothing that you could purchase there and then, with a lot of the clothing featured in the fashion show. A faux leather jacket with big fur collar and cuffs immediately caught my eye. I am a big leather (faux in this case) fan especially when it comes to jackets and really loved the look of this one. Even with my ridiculous amount of designer leather jackets I didn’t have anything like this. I am also not one for coats, I just don’t find big heavy coats comfortable, I am definitely a jacket person! People think i’m mad just wearing a leather jacket in Winter. So the brilliant thing about this leather jacket was that it was all fleece lined and very very warm, perfect for Winter! The jacket appeared to be the only one there in this style and fit me perfectly, it was fate!

I had a quick look through the rest of the clothes there and I couldn’t believe the prices. My jacket I was expecting to be over the £100 mark but was only £85 and the quality was amazing. There were lots of dresses and tops around £30 that you would expect again to be atleast over £100. There were some more expensive items too but it’s amazing that clothing as fashionable as this at such a good quality could cater for all budgets! I wanted to have more of a look and have a proper look at the jewellery pieces however I could hear the fashion show was about to start so quickly went back to my seat.

The fashion show was well worth returning back to my seat for. I think I had narrowed it down to about 7 outfits that I wanted for christmas! Every time I thought I had found my favourite, another model would walk out in something even more stunning. My mum and I couldn’t stop saying ‘ooo’ and ‘aaaa’ and ‘wow’, taking a mental photograph of each thing we loved. We saw 3 different collections – Love Niche, Niche by Nicha Vedhara Resortwear and Niche by Nisha Vedhara Evening Wear. They had everything from every day looks to glamourus eveningwear and swimwear. The eveningwear was my favourite with the stunning gowns and party dresses, lots of glitz and glamour.

The fashion show went really smoothly and flowed great with the models making use of the space in Bonbar. The layout and choreography meant that everyone could get a great view of each piece and take plenty of photos. As the fashion show came to an end you could see the determination on everyone’s faces (including mine) to get to the pop up shop to grab the gorgeous items just shown in the fashion show. It did also mean too many people in a tightly packed area, so after trying to squeeze my way through the shop I decided to return to the bar and enjoy a cocktail, admiring my new jacket instead. It did make me keen to visit the studio soon to have a better look at all the items in store.

The evening was great and it was very nice finally being introduced to the talented woman behind LOVE NICHE, Nicha Vedhara (who looks like a model herself!). She has been brought up around fashion from a very early age and you can just tell that she lives and breathes fashion. Not only does she design and buy stunning items she is a stylist and a very good one at that. At the event they had a lady there who had won a competition to get a makeover. The woman already had her own style so Nicha along with a team of hair and makeup worked with what she likes to create a very flattering, fashionable look. Although the woman looked great before this makeover really did make her look amazing.

LOVE NICHE and Nicha are definitely names you should know especially if you are from the North East! A visit to her studio is a must but if you aren’t local then you can still buy the items on-line at

You can follow LOVE NICHE on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE


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