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Pumpkin Carving!

We haven’t really bothered with buying pumpkins for quite a few years now and especially since having our little Halloween baby. Celebrating our little ones birthday and Halloween at the same time is just too much hard work and also confusing for him. This year however he seemed to start understanding what Halloween was and was excited for both his Birthday and Halloween as well. I just had to get him a pumpkin as he had never actually had one before and I felt he was at the right age to have his first one. Plus he knew what a pumpkin was from watching the halloween/spooky episodes of Paw Patrol over and over.

I thought we would probably just do a half arsed job but we all really surprised ourselves and I have to say, Sie really got in to it. He spent hours carving his and little dude’s pumpkin and they really did turn out amazing. He created a vampire on Reid’s pumpkin and did The Joker from Batman (Heath Ledger) on his. I just ended up doing a flower and some pattern as I lacked inspiration with it being an early Sunday morning. Watch the vlog and see how we created our masterpieces!!

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