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Bread = Boring?…I doughn’t think so

The one thing I struggle to live without when trying to go on a healthy eating diet is bread. I love a good sandwich and adding bread to things just makes life better! So I still make sure that I allow myself to eat bread in moderation, even when trying to be healthy and nothing beats home made bread! There are so many bread making machines out there that make it so easy for you to make your own. Some of the best I have seen online are the breadmakers by panasonic  and their newest model also features rustic sourdough, artisan and scone modes giving you so many bread options! The smell of home made bread just can’t be beaten (why don’t Yankee candles make that fragrance?).

I like to be quite creative when using bread in my meals but don’t like anything too time consuming! I am going to share with you some of the (super lazy and easy) favourites I make for myself and my family.

Bread with Garlic Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

Ok so this one is slightly cheating as it’s not exactly my own recipe or something I have just made up but it is one of my favourite things ever and I love buying the garlic infused olive oil just to give it that little bit more flavour. I also love the flavoured balsamic vinegars too, you can usually find them at food fairs/markets.

Eggy cups

This is so so simple and for this all I do is tear the middle of a slice of bread out, line the inside of a small ramekin dish with it and press the bread down flat. I then crack an egg inside, top with cheese and then bake in either the air-fryer or the oven. You could even add bacon on top and other things and I usually make this for my little one.

Pizza Bread Faces

This one is great for the kids to make. Just a little tomato puree spread on to bread, layered with cheese and lots of different exciting toppings and baked in the oven. Great way to get kids to eat lots of veg as it’s always more appetising when turned in to a pizza face!

Sausage Roll Surprise

This one is so simple and is a big hit with the boys in my family. Just cut one of the ends off of the baguette, cut the middle out, get a sausage and wrap it in cheese and insert in bread. You may need to do two if they aren’t long enough to fill the baguette.

Soup In a Roll

This is another super simple and tasty one. Bit of a twist on the usual soup and roll. Cut the top off the bread roll and then hollow out, Heat up some soup and then pour it in to the roll which is now like a little pot with a lid. You can then eat your soup out of the bread and then towards the end eat the bread soaked in soup which is very yummy! I normally have 2 small rolls or a large roll/loaf with the soup in.

Some of these ideas aren’t exactly revolutionary but they are tasty, easy, quick and non-faffy which is what I love. Sometimes just doing something a little different to the usual sandwich is good to mix things up a bit. Some are great for work lunches or for little ones as they are usually the two things you can struggle to come up with ideas for.

Do you have a creative recipe/idea with bread that you like to do? Do you make your own bread? Comment below to share what you like to do.

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