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2017…So Far

Yes we are only in to the first few weeks of 2017 but I feel so much has happened already. I totally wasn’t ready for the Christmas period to be over and to get back to reality but it had to happen eventually! 2016 really wasn’t my favourite year however there were lots of amazing things that did happen. The main event was getting engaged to the father of my beautiful boy whilst the two of us were away in Milan. Our trip to Milan was one I had won that year so I really did have some amazing things happen when I look back.

I don’t really want to look back too much as I want to look ahead to the future and really try and go for it this year with everything. So whilst I have probably said this every year, I am going to make the most of 2017 and make some changes in my life. I feel that mentally, telling yourself that now is the time to make a change at the beginning of the year is just easier some how. Why we feel we have to wait until the new year to do something I honestly don’t know, but I had no excuse come January 2017 not to make a start!

I have a lot to look forward to this year. The main thing being that I get married in July! I can now say I am getting married this year and somehow it just makes it so much more real! When I ask Reid what happens when mummy and daddy get married he just says ‘Mummy Francis, Daddy Francis and Reidy Francis’. He just understands that I will have the same surname as them both finally. He also says he is going to get married (bless him) and he is always telling everyone that his mummy and daddy are getting married in a big castle!

So, how has 2017 gone for me so far…Well for starters we have all been ill for the best part of it. The hubby started with a horrendous cold very beginning of January and then once he got better I developed it, followed by a poorly little dude. I have literally just recovered from it now and I have to say a full 9 days of the worst cold I have ever had, really was a time in my life I already wish I could forget. It came at such a bad time too as I had just signed up to the gym and just couldn’t go. It was also Sie’s staff xmas party weekend in York last week which I was just too ill for, so that really did suck.

Aside from health problems 2017 seems to be the year of just throwing money away (not intentionally). The main reason for this being problems with cars… Right before New Years Eve, Sie managed to write off his car thanks to some black ice. He was unharmed thankfully as it was just in our estate but it did also mean he went through 2 neighbours fences and ended up in to their garden. For the first week of January I had to take him to and from work, as well as taking and picking up little guy from Nursery. We sorted him another car quite quickly, but the day after, he somehow managed to scratch a friends car whilst reversing out of a space (I could have killed him). The latest car problem was actually mine, I noticed a nice big puddle of oil, leaking from under my car and that was another £350 right there to fix.

I am sure lots of other people can sympathise with the fact that January is a tough month financially after Christmas. This means that after a fun filled Christmas always doing something, January can seem so depressing. With me starting on a diet/healthier lifestyle  right after Christmas/New Years It has made me feel even more crappy. So add a lack of money, a chocolate & fatty food ban and a cold that just never seems to leave…and that equals a very grumpy mummy! I am working on changing my attitude to my new healthier lifestyle but it will take time. Especially when I have about 20 box of chocolates, 3 bottles of Bailey’s and about 6 bottles of Prosecco sitting in my kitchen from Christmas!

I plan to focus on the things I want to achieve this year and try to focus on positives rather than negatives all the time. Starting with losing weight and toning up. I made a good start with this by committing to a £40/Month membership at a gym for at least 12 Months. Another goal is to really go for it with my blog/site. I am very much an ‘as and when I get chance blogger’ so I need to get a better routine going! This is something I am definitely going to make a start on now I am better. My other goal is to learn to do Hair Extensions and offer my new services as another way to bring in more money to support my family.

Writing this post is a mixture of me just rambling on and also me publicly admitting my goals for the year. This way I can’t hide from them and you are all witnesses! I am really hoping to grow this site and hopefully that will only mean more for my followers. I want to do bigger and better competitions, I want to provide more content that you are all interested in and I am hoping to do more vlogging too. 2017 is going to be the year I become a wife, I grow my business/skills and I improve my health and fitness. I know I can do it, I just need to keep this positivity going!



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